Michael Gould

“We felt Go M.A.D. was going to be a two-year programme where we were going to fundamentally shift the whole culture within our organisation. The results are fantastic. We’ve seen a significant shift in the levels of customer satisfaction and the feedback we are getting is fantastic. We’ve seen a fundamental shift in our employee […]

Suzanne Grant

“I’ve enjoyed and benefited from many leadership development, coaching and management courses from being a Sales Manager to a Managing Director.  But after 15 years, I keep coming back to the Go M.A.D. Results Framework.  It’s got the lot. The framework, the methodology and the toolbox to help individuals focus on getting the results they want.”  

Stephen Gould

“The Go M.A.D. Thinking methodology has been a part of our business for over 5 years. It has developed our culture, thinking and performance through providing a common language and practical set of tools that has enabled our people to make real measurable differences. It has encouraged cross functional working, a solution focused approach to […]

Lisa Rankin

“The programmes have provoked people to think, ultimately helping us to drive  growth plans. The change in mind set for some people has been quite radical and has even helped to improve people’s lives outside of work.  This is the beauty of Go MAD; whilst it helps the business to deliver its objectives, the business also […]

Marguerite Ulrich

“We invited Andy Gilbert to be our team coach, conduct a Thinking Effectiveness Audit about the way we worked as a high performing HR Leadership team and then provide feedback and facilitation to improve our performance. Within a couple of sessions, we measurably improved our effectiveness, developed new ways of thinking and are now reaping […]

Phil Ponsonby

“We got the results we needed quicker and easier than I ever thought possible by involving 1500 people in developing and testing our 5 year membership strategy. The insights and depth of understanding our Board gained from this collaborative process was greater than we could ever have imagined.”

VP Global Medical Affairs

“The seven Go M.A.D. key principles have stuck with me and the Results Framework has provided a structured, yet flexible way to ask myself and my teams, the right question at the right time to uncover possibilities and break complex goals into achievable actionable priorities.”

Chief Executive

“We have used this solution-focused thinking methodology to engage and empower people to make a difference throughout our entire workforce and beyond with many of our service users. The practicality and support it provides enables us to think, act and be more productive in achieving our goals, making change happen quicker and easier.”