Experience an immersive 4-day leadership programme like no other.

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14 - 17 May 2024
02 - 05 July 2024
03 - 06 September 2024
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Supercharge your coaching and leadership skills, make breakthroughs in your thinking, and supercharge results.


How often do you grant yourself the time to engage in deep thinking? And when you do think, what questions are you asking yourself? How helpful are these questions?  How could they be better? 

When given the right environment and the right tools, something amazing happens – you discover possibilities you never thought imaginable. You discover a framework that has incredible impact – both personally and professionally. And you discover a methodology that is proven to solve problems, manage change, and transform results.


Master the seven key principles of the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework and how to apply these to solve problems, enable change and transform results.

Understand how you can achieve high levels of personal and team productivity through influencing yourself and others to think in a solution focused way.

Learn to use Go M.A.D. as a coaching framework and practice using an easy-to-use set of questions in a powerful pack of Go M.A.D.® coaching cards.

Amaze yourself and others through creative possibility thinking and a mini-innovation toolkit to produce breakthroughs!

Improve meetings and have “difficult” conversations with complete confidence in your ability to ask the right question at the right time to the right person.

Leave with robust action plans, a practical success toolkit for life and three months online coaching and mentoring support.



An Introduction to Solution Focused Thinking

  • Understanding the key principles and links of the Go M.A.D. ® Results Framework.
  • Applying the Go M.A.D. ® Results Framework as a development and diagnostic tool.
  • Assessing personal motivation of self and others.
  • Clarifying the link between thinking, actions & accelerating results.
  • Learning and practicing 4 goal defining techniques.
  • Developing and maintaining high self-belief.
  • Identifying and influencing the 4 “helpful or hindering” thinking components.
  • Moving from problems to solutions.


Coaching others to think in a solution focused way

  • Designing and practising high quality questioning.
  • Using the Results Framework to structure a personal thinking session.
  • Exploring the 10 possibility thinking areas.
  • Practising core coaching skills and techniques on key issues
  • Differentiating between coaching content and coaching process.
  • Giving and receiving feedback on performance.
  • Overnight reading from “Go MAD about Coaching” book and preparation for advanced thinking skills.


Advanced and creative thinking skills

  • Understanding and practising creative thinking (6 tools and techniques).
  • Integrating creative high quality questions into thinking sessions.
  • Practising peer coaching and receiving feedback.
  • Using the Results Framework to accelerate & broaden day-to-day thinking.
  • Applying the Go M.A.D.® Leadership Framework to enable change & cultural transformation.
  • Learning review.


Helping teams to think in a solution focused way

  • Preparing to make a difference to meetings.
  • Using the Results Framework to facilitate meetings and “think on your feet”.
  • Applying and adapting solution focused tools and techniques to create breakthroughs in project planning.
  • Applying and adapting the Go M.A.D.® methodology and techniques for team working.
  • Action planning & agreeing support for next 90 days.
  • Learning review


This dynamic programme is for you if:

  • You are a senior leader looking to change the way you do things and improve results
  • You want to coach your team to think in a more solution focused way
  • You are looking for breakthroughs in your thinking to make a difference in your world, and the world of others


Join us at Go M.A.D. HQ, set in the heart of the Charnwood National Forest in Leicestershire, 2 miles from Junction 23 of the M1, and 10 mins from Loughborough Railway Station.
Pocket Gate Farm



“I really benefited from attending the Solutions Focused Thinking programme, both on a business and personal level. The methodology is practical and easy to use and I find my wider team getting value from the process when I apply the methodology in our team meetings. I’ve recommended many colleagues to attend this dynamic programme.”

Head of Culture

“Fantastic! I have been in the call centre industry for 15 years and thought that I had seen pretty much every way of coaching and managing people. I have been shown a whole new way of doing things that will have a great benefit to what we do here. I came away with the tools to move my managers and teams onwards to greater levels. I have also found a way of getting the managers to find the answers from within themselves instead of just asking questions that they know the answers to.”

Customer Relations Operations Manager

“A life changing course! I have spent the whole weekend explaining the course to friends and family, I am consciously changing my thoughts and behaviours with the confidence that it will become second nature. It is strange that we are always taught to behave better, from teachers and parents, no one thought to teach us to ‘think’ better to ourselves and better…what a difference it has made to me.”

Facilities Manager
Close Brothers Motor Finance

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14 - 17 May 2024
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03 - 06 September 2024
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