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Challenging leaders, teams and individuals to transform results, solve problems, and manage change using 7 proven principles

We specialise in four areas:

Manage Change

Managing Change

The people side of change often gets over looked. However, if you don’t take the people with you, the change won’t happen as effectively as you hope.  Our Engage & Empower programmes support leaders to successfully manage their teams through change.

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Cultural Transformation

Cultural Transformation

Peter Drucker, the father of management thinking, once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. If your culture, i.e. “the way things are done around here”, is hindering the achievement of your vision, we need to have a chat. 

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Changing Mindset


Thinking, action, results! The quality of your thinking determines your actions and, in turn, your results. How many people in your organisation need to think differently? Develop your teams to think bigger, better, and bolder – to solve problems and transform results.

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Improve productivity and performance

Productivity and Performance

How purposeful and productive are your meetings? How many need to be improved or removed? Accelerate results using 30, 60 or 90-day Go M.A.D.® Challenges. Engage teams to deliver operational and strategic projects better than ever before.

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Trusted by organisations around the world for over 25 years

Customer story

Managing global change

“The biggest R.O.I. for me was seeing the immediate impact that it had on leaders and their ability to take teams through change with minimum fuss. We started an entire organisational redesign programme that everyone told us was impossible to do at the beginning. However, using the Go M.A.D. tools, we got to the end of it on budget, in time. Brilliant!”.

- Carrie Haywood, Global Head of Operations, AirPlus International

In this 2 minute video, senior leaders from AirPlus International share their experience of partnering with us to implement a successful global change programme.
AirPlus International Building

Customer story

Improving productivity and performance

Wienerberger AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is the world’s largest producer of bricks, clay roof tiles, and concrete pavers. With a workforce of over 19,000 employees across Europe, the company has established itself as a leader in the construction materials industry. However, it recognised a need to invest in management development to empower their technical experts and enhance their leadership capabilities.
Go MAD Thinking and Wienerberger (1)

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The Go M.A.D. 7 principles are based on over 4,000 hours of research undertaken by our founder, Andy Gilbert. Through interviews and grounded research he sought to discover and explain in the simplest possible way, the key success principles that people naturally apply when Making a Difference.

In his 17 minute TEDx talk ‘The Art of Making a Difference’, Andy explains how the 7 principles can be applied to solving problems and improving performance, and brings to life the Go M.A.D. Results Framework.





Come and meet us.  Attend one of our open events at our inspirational HQ, in the middle of The National Forest, or join one of our regular live webinars. Light bulb moments are guaranteed!

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Every time something good happens in our business, something great happens in the world!

Improving YOUR world through better thinking to Go Make a Difference. That’s our purpose. As a Certified B Corp, we balance profit with people and the planet. That’s also why we have partnered with B1G1, as part of the Business for Good movement, to give back and make a difference in the world.

From planting a tree on your behalf, when you get in touch, to providing 1,825 days of lifesaving clean water to people in Cambodia, when you attend an open programme, we are committed to a vision of business as a force for good.


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