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We work with teams and leaders to think bigger, better and bolder to Go Make A Difference.

What we do

Enabling people to Go Make A Difference for 25 years.

We enable people to think differently, develop breakthroughs, create solutions for any problem and achieve goals. We work with organisations (typically 250-50,000 employees) across all sectors to achieve transformative results. 

Our methodology, the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, has been proven by 100s of clients in over 40 countries to engage and empower teams to think differently, transform operational practices and continually improve results. Our solution focused programmes enable people to achieve measurable results within 30, 60 & 90 days, with practical problem solving and creative thinking tools which enable results to be achieved faster and easier.  

Upcoming discovery sessions

Face-to-face Discovery Day

Thinking Bigger, Better & Bolder®

If you are a business leader wanting to transform results and enable change by engaging people to think differently why not come and spend an inspiring day with us at our countryside Head Office for some guaranteed Light Bulb Moments.

- 14th November

Live Free Interactive Webinar

Goal Defining Masterclass

In this live webinar Andy Gilbert will introduce you to the 4 different goal defining techniques you need in your toolkit and how to choose the right goal defining technique, for the right purpose, at the right time!

- 13th December
- 11am - 12pm

Bespoke Solutions

Results Acceleration

Do you want to get people thinking differently? Thinking bigger, better, bolder to achieve results quicker and easier?

If you are seeking to achieve high impact business results and develop leaders, our Results Acceleration Programme (R.A.P.) is a proven way to do this. The guaranteed impact and a payment-on-results option provides a risk-free opportunity for you to quickly experience the impact and benefit of our approach, whilst your teams will benefit from collaborating on sponsored strategic 60 or 90-day challenges.

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Organisational Solutions

T.R.E.C.® Challenge

After 25 years of facilitating transformation in over 40 countries we collated our 25 proven best practices to design the Transforming Results Enabling Change (T.R.E.C.®) Challenge for organisational leaders and teams to make significant strategic differences with a guaranteed 10 x Return On Investment.

Whether your issues are operational performance improvements, financial efficiencies, digital transformations or even cultural change, we can help you make them happen.

Are you ready to take the T.R.E.C.® Challenge?

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Used and trusted in over

40 countries

for over 25 years

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