Engage and Empower

277 practical ways to improve productivity

How to move from just measuring the indicators of employee engagement to taking action that will have a direct impact on improving productivity.

Practical guidance for increasing engagement and empowering people to “Go Make A Difference”. Plus key questions to consider from a personal, leadership and organisational point of view.

Using the Go M.A.D. Results Framework to give a structured common sense approach and with 277 tried and tested tips, you will discover:

  • The myths about employee engagement
  • How to take a solution focused approach to engaging and empowering people
  • 24 characteristics of engaged employees
  • 16 characteristics of disengaged employees
  • 100 engagement tips to help you increase your personal levels of productivity
  • 109 leadership ideas about how to increase motivation, commitment, productivity and job satisfaction
  • 68 leadership questions to help create a great environment for engagement and empowerment to thrive

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