Brain Magic


The secrets to living a longer, happier and healthier life are within your grasp!


The secrets to living a longer, happier and healthier life are within your grasp!


Drawing upon extensive neurological and cognitive research, this book provides answers to 150 commonly asked questions and will equip you with practical tips, tools and thinking techniques to dramatically increase your success.


Your future success depends upon what goes on inside your head. Imagine if you could distinguish between the myths and reality of how your brain actually works and then discover how your thinking can be developed to help you achieve more in life. Now you can!


In this fascinating book, Andy Gilbert and Nancy Slessenger reveal how your brain and the way you use it has a ‘magical’ impact on the results you achieve. Andy and Nancy’s straightforward explanations make the science stuff simple to understand and their pragmatic, fun, story-telling style provides plenty of practical examples for you to enjoy.


You’ll discover:

  • Which foods boost your brain power
  • The scientific link between happiness and good health
  • How to enhance your memory regardless of age
  • Six ways to increase creative thinking
  • How to control four key elements of your thinking and eliminate negative thoughts
  • Five key activities most likely to increase the performance of the brain and improve longevity
  • Solution focused thinking strategies applied by top performers
  • How to think quicker on your feet with greater clarity of thought
  • How to programme your mind for success


…and much, much more!

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