Who’s Driving Your Bus?

In this book, the author of the best-selling ‘Go MAD® – The Art of Making a Difference,’ is an invaluable personal and business improvement system which guarantees results by following a practical, structured approach to taking personal responsibility.


Unfortunately, most don’t know how to get it. Instead, each week, in thousands of companies the phrase, “We don’t have a blame culture here,” reminds employees of the culture that actually exists.


Drawing on over 25 years combined experience of developing people and organisations, Andy Gilbert and Nadine Taylor reveal a proven system for helping individuals develop greater focus, confidence and results.

‘Who’s driving your bus?’ presents a powerfully pragmatic and simple approach to making a difference.

Based on five years of extensive research, ‘Who’s driving your bus?’ provides the proactive person with a series of solution focused tools designed to provide a structured, common sense approach to change.

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