Certified Licenced Partner Digital Badges


Transforming Results and Enabling Change. We work with teams and leaders to think bigger, better and bolder to Go Make A Difference. Our methodology, the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, has been proven by 100s of clients in over 40 countries to engage and empower teams to think differently, transform operational practices and continually improve results.

Assessment Criteria

To be an effective Thinking, Bigger, Bolder Licenced Partner, partners are required to have a robust understanding of the practices and values of Go M.A.D.® Limited.

The Licence Partner assessment criteria focuses on the knowledge and skills required to be an expert Go M.A.D.® programme facilitator, plus, the skills to:

  • Identify clients key issues and needs.
  • Design solutions to meet these needs including the best way to engage and empower leaders and managers.
  • Skill in using Socratic questioning to stimulate better thinking.
  • Launch and deliver programmes, adjusting where necessary to ensure leaders and managers “Go Make A Difference”.
  • Achieve results and measure client success.

Understanding Competencies

Thinking, Bigger, Better, Bolder certification is evidence that your Go M.A.D.® Licenced Partner has demonstrated an advanced level of ‘thinking skills’ mastery. The certificate holder has proven to have the knowledge and skills to apply and embed the researched  Go M.A.D. Thinking System, to leaders and managers to accelerate results and enable change.

Partners of Go M.A.D. Limited, are licenced to facilitate the researched Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, which introduces a range of solution focused thinking modules, which help break down barriers and stretch thinking to achieve greater results.

This Includes:

  • Rewiring your mind to think more effectively and form new habits
  • Familiarisation of the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework, which includes, applying 7 key success principles as a self-diagnostic framework, to identify where to focus thinking for the achievement of results.
  • How to rapidly turn problems into solutions.
  • The power of asking yourself and others “High Quality Questions”.
  • 4 ways to kickstart any conversation or meeting to improve productivity.
  • 37 question coaching sequence to improve your probability of success.
  • The art of “Possibility Thinking” using 10 key questions.
  • Familiarisation of Go M.A.D.® Coaching cards, which contain over 100 open and focus your mind questions to really stretch thinking.
  • The umbrella goal technique for breaking big projects into manageable chunks.


For information about Go M.A.D Thinking’s partnership opportunities, please visit here.