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Boost your revenue and grow your business as a Go M.A.D.® Thinking Licensed Partner

Benefit from accredited delivery rights to to a game-changing methodology that has transformed millions of lives and helped grow businesses all over the world.

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What is a Go M.A.D.® Thinking Licensed Partner?

By becoming a Go M.A.D.® Thinking Licensed Partner, you will be joining a network of professionals delivering our proven Go M.A.D.® Thinking System to individuals and teams.

Our Go M.A.D.® Thinking System has been proven by hundreds of empowered clients in over forty countries to create breakthroughs, achieve their goals and Go Make a Difference in their world.

As a licensed partner you will have access to a wealth of tools and resources, as well as ongoing training and support to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Why become a Go M.A.D.® Thinking Licensed Partner?

Apply as a Go M.A.D.® licensed partner and benefit from the rights to sell and deliver the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, transforming your business within the next 12 months.

  • Choose from three different partnership levels to meet your budget and business goals.
  • Get access to a world-class thinking system that will transform your business and grow your brand credibility as a coach or consultant.
  • Save yourself marketing time and money by instantly differentiating yourself against other coaches and consultants.
  • Reinvigorate yourself and your business by adding new techniques and training to your service offerings.
  • Be one of the few consultants in the world licensed to provide the Go M.A.D.® methodology to clients.
  • Get access to full support from our team of talented Thinking Engineers.

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Be part of a company with a mission to improve the world through better thinking

As a Certified B Corporation, we believe through better, more solution-focused thinking, people across the globe can improve their world and Go Make A Difference at work, at home and in their community.

Join us and together we can make a real difference.

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