Engage & Empower

The most flexible and supportive programme for managers leading their teams through change

Make a real impact – don’t just sheep dip individuals.  Help your teams adapt and mentally adjust their thinking, and enable change to be successful


This is a comprehensive programme, spanning 12 weeks. The programme is designed to engage and empower managers throughout their change journey. It equips them with practical tools and techniques for immediate application.
Invigorating 4-Hour Workshop:

The programme kicks off with a dynamic 4-hour workshop, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

Bi-Weekly Check-Ins:

Managers will have bi-weekly check-ins so they’re never more than a few days away from being supported.

Skilled Guidance by Change Specialists:
The check-in sessions are led by dedicated change specialists who offer personalised support and guidance, ensuring managers are well-prepared to tackle challenges effectively.

Access to Online and Mobile Content:

Managers will have bi-weekly check-ins so they’re never more than a few days away from being supported.

What You'll Discover

During this programme, your managers and your teams will discover:


Organisational Factors most likely to help or hinder people during change.


Underlying Causes behind negative reactions to change


Key Management Competencies – Information, Involvement, Individual attention


Success Frameworks to achieve results.


Shared Thinking System to create a cohesive mindset and drive collective progress.

“The Engage & Empower Programme does exactly that! The excellent online materials and practical tools engaged and empowered me to engage and empower my team, enabling them to make decisions with confidence and be much more productive during a period of massive change. The weekly workouts were expertly facilitated to support me and it was great to meet likeminded people and take the Engage & Empower journey together. The impact of this programme significantly helped me gain promotion. All-round it was just fantastic, I would highly recommend this programme!”

– Head of Clinical Services, Nottingham CityCare Partnership

Engage & Empower your leaders to manage change successfully. 

A practical guide for increasing engagement and empowering your teams to “Go Make A Difference”.

Practical guidance for increasing engagement and empowering people to “Go Make A Difference”. Plus key questions to consider from a personal, leadership and organisational point of view.


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