AirPlus International

AirPlus International is a leading provider of financial services, specialising in corporate payment and travel expense management solutions. With a customer base of 49,000 businesses worldwide, their corporate payment solutions have proven to save both time and money.

Amidst the significant changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential sale of the business, AirPlus International recognised the need to adapt and evolve its operations efficiently. To tackle these challenges head-on and prepare for the impending change in ownership, the company embarked on an ambitious organisational redesign programme.

In collaboration with Go M.A.D. Thinking, AirPlus International focused on the people side of change. They implemented the Engage & Empower programme, empowering leaders with practical tools for effective change management and fostering a culture of proactive and prepared leadership.

A journey to navigating change successfully

Watch this captivating video testimonial, where AirPlus International candidly shares their journey, the challenges they encountered, and the positive impact the partnership with Go M.A.D. Thinking had on their organisation.

Be inspired as you witness firsthand the remarkable outcomes and the meaningful difference our collaboration made for AirPlus International.

The business challenge

AirPlus International faced significant challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic revealed operational inefficiencies within the organisation. As the pandemic disrupted normal business operations, it became clear that enhancing efficiency was crucial for continued success. Additionally, the impending sale of the business created uncertainty among employees, who were concerned about the potential impacts on the organisation’s future and their role within it. To address these challenges, it was essential to equip leaders and their teams with the necessary skills to navigate change confidently. However, the global dispersion of leaders and teams added to the complexity to the task.

The solution

In response to the challenges, AirPlus International proactively implemented the Go M.A.D.® Engage & Empower programme. This comprehensive training initiative empowered leaders with practical tools for managing change effectively. The programme focused on the people side of change, helping leaders understand individual reactions to change scenarios and guiding their teams through successful transformations. Tailored training sessions were conducted to meet the unique needs of leaders in different locations, aligning with the organisation’s goals.

To maximise the impact, the programme was delivered to 122 executive to first-line leaders across 12 countries. It involved online modules, live online workshops, and review sessions. The foundation of the programme was Go M.A.D. Thinking’s book, “How to Save Time and Money by Managing Organisational Change Effectively.” The programme provided practical tools, including understanding five organisational factors influencing individuals during change, identifying four underlying causes of negative reactions to change, and mastering the three key management competencies: Information, Involvement, and Individual attention.

The results

The partnership with Go M.A.D. Thinking brought about transformative changes in AirPlus International’s approach to managing change.

The methodology and focus delivered by Go M.A.D. fundamentally shifted the organisation’s mindset, instilling confidence in its leaders and empowering them to lead through change proactively. As a result, fear of change and apprehension about guiding their teams through uncertain times were replaced with a newfound sense of readiness and adaptability.

Carrie Haywood, Global Head of Operations at AirPlus International, observed the immediate and remarkable impact of the Go M.A.D. programme on the organisation. She remarked, “The biggest return on investment for me was seeing the immediate impact that it had on leaders and their ability to take their teams through change with a minimum of fuss.”

Through the implementation of the programme, several key outcomes were achieved:

  • Proactive and Prepared Leadership: The programme provided leaders with a common language and practical tools for everyday use in change management. As a result, leaders became proactive in their approach to change and well-prepared to handle transitions effectively.
  • Enhanced Understanding and Collaboration: The methodology emphasised an inclusive approach, involving and engaging employees throughout the change process. This resulted in improved collaboration and cooperation among team members, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.
  • Improved Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: By equipping leaders with essential skills to lead their teams effectively, the programme positively impacted employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Alignment with Organisational Goals: The tailored leadership training ensured that leaders across different regions understood the organisation’s change objectives and worked cohesively towards achieving them. This alignment contributed to increased efficiency and productivity throughout the organisation.

The Go M.A.D. Engage & Empower programme proved to be an instrumental solution for AirPlus International, enabling the organisation to navigate the challenges of change successfully. By empowering leaders with practical tools and essential skills, the company fostered a cohesive leadership team that approached change proactively. The improved understanding, collaboration, and employee engagement had a positive impact on the organisation’s overall performance, ensuring continued success and resilience amid uncertainties. With an empowered and well-prepared leadership team, AirPlus International is better positioned to thrive in the face of future challenges.

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