Helen Eivers

Licensed Partner

Helen has a diverse background in healthcare, with experience in both clinical and leadership roles. Her experience as a Paramedic, Paramedic tutor, Emergency department staff nurse, and clinical leader with a NHS 111 provider has provided her with a unique perspective on healthcare delivery.

It’s clear that Helen is passionate about making a difference and developing teams and organizations. Her experience as a leader has likely provided her with the skills and knowledge necessary to create positive change within healthcare organizations.

Her focus on providing 1-to-1 coaching is a testament to her dedication to personal and professional growth. By engaging in purposeful conversations, Helen is able to help individuals achieve their goals and make meaningful transformations in their lives.

Overall, Helen’s experience and passion for making a difference in healthcare make her an asset to any organization.


Phone: 07411 155260

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A bit about me

Helen Eivers, Thinking Engineer

My healthcare journey began over 30 years ago at the Whittington Hospital in London, where I started as a Registered General Nurse with the NHS. Since then, I’ve had an exciting career, including in 1996, being the first female “Emergency Medical Technician” in County Longford, Ireland, and progressing to become a Paramedic Tutor and Advanced Paramedic. I’ve also collaborated with the Pre-Hospital Care council as an examiner, and returned to the UK in 2011 to become a passionate healthcare leader.

Over the past 10 years, I have been a Training & Clinical Lead.  I’ve led significant improvements in a London provider’s 111 service, anonymous freedom to speak, just culture, red flag training, civility in the workplace, and wellbeing in the classroom. I also set up a national shared learning forum for all 111 services to benefit from each other following incident learning. I have a keen interest in human factors and have worked with NHS external stakeholders over many years to make a difference within 111 services in England.

In 2021, I discovered the Go M.A.D. team and their methodology to capture thinking and create a different groove in the mind, and it’s been life-changing for me. I bring with me valuable experience in pre-hospital, primary and secondary care areas and have first-hand experience of how Go M.A.D Thinking can transform a team.

I firmly believe that effective thinking is the key to unlocking full potential and achieving better outcomes. That’s why I’ve become a Licensed Partner. The Go M.A.D. thinking tools and their proven, evidence-based approach aid in transforming teams and organizations.

These tools can be used in a variety of settings, from leader development to large culture change programmes. With over 25 years’ experience and used in over 40 countries, the Go M.A.D. thinking tools have been shown to be effective in helping individuals and teams think differently, take responsibility, and make positive changes happen.

If you’re looking to engage and empower staff, change, improve or accelerate your results, then I’m here to help. Contact me at helen.eivers@gomadthinking.com and let’s start a conversation about how we can work together to transform your team and achieve your goals.