Coaching Cards Tutorial

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Possible ways of using the cards

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Ways to use the cards

The cards can be used in a number of different ways to help yourself or others with their thinking.

Have fun and make a difference…the possibilities are endless!


If working in teams/ project groups:

  • Inspire your team/audience by selecting a card to work on in relation to a specific project or issue during a facilitation session.
  • In a group, each person takes a card. Go around in the group and answer each other’s question in relation to the project/goal/issue.
  • Choose a question you wouldn’t like to answer and explain why. What does not wanting to answer this specific question reveal? What thoughts does it prompt in relation to what it is that you want to achieve?
  • Use with team members as a ‘card of the week’. Pick a card and send it around in an email with the cards to description for your team to consider in relation to a project.


If working in pairs:

  • Work in pairs to pick a relevant card for your project/goal and answer. Switch cards with your partner and answer their question. Compare answers and discuss.
  • Ask a friend or colleague to pick a number from 1 to 13 (1 being Ace and 13 being King). Ask them to choose a suit. Find the card in the deck and read the question out. You can answer the question yourself in relation to your goal or ask the person you’re coaching to answer. If the card is not relevant/applicable, choose another suit but keep the same number.
  • Separate the cards in to 4 suits. Choose the most appropriate suit depending on where your partner is with their thinking on their goal. Ask your partner to select 3 cards from that suit and put them face down. Then ask your partner to turn a card over and answer the question. Once they have answered the question on that card, they can choose to answer another card from that suit or pick another suit. Repeat the process.

If working by yourself:

  • Pick one card a week for a year and display it somewhere visible so that you are constantly thinking about that question in relation to your goal. Write down your ideas as and when they come to you to make sure you capture them.
  • Choose a card from the pack and use it as a discussion point with another person in the project to evaluate if you are on the same page.
  • Cut the pack of cards 5 times and select 1 card from each pile. Which cards are most appropriate to answer in relation to your goal?
  • Pick cards by looking at the Go M.A.D. Results Framework on the back of the card. Choose one from each element of the Framework and use to help your goal/project.