Our purpose

As a Certified B Corporation we believe through better, more solution focused thinking we believe people across the globe can improve their world and Go Make A Difference at work, at home and in their community.


Our purpose

Improving your world through better thinking

Our 2028 vision is to make the world a better place by being the catalyst for at least 1,000 social impact or humanitarian projects. To achieve this we proactively seek to work with visionary partners to help 100 million people have a Light Bulb Moment and improve their world through better thinking. Our Social Impact Leadership Scheme provides £5,000 of training, development and coaching to sponsor leaders who want to be the catalyst for a social impact or humanitarian project.

In December 2022 we became B Corp certified and we’re now part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact and that believe that business really can be a force for good.

It’s easy for people to say they are passionate, but in 1998 we were the very first business to develop a company passion statement. The Go M.A.D. Thinking team today are guided by this, our purpose and our vision to give people the skills they need to solve problems and achieve their goals. We inspire Light Bulb Moments (a ‘breakthrough in thinking’) through the products and services we deliver.

"Being the brightness is one step beyond seeing the light. To be passionate about opening minds, encouraging development, gaining insight, exploring parameters, igniting desires, harnessing energy, inspiring people, moving forward, increasing skills, sowing thoughts, achieving goals, reviewing effectiveness, releasing potential, facing fears, generating happiness, taking responsibility, enjoying learning, overcoming obstacles, building teams, facilitating success, having fun, getting started, believing in choices, being the brightness and making a difference. The answers are on the inside."

– Go M.A.D. Thinking Passion Statement

25 years of knowledge and experience in your pocket

Our ‘Thinking For Good’ app contains thought provoking questions and practical resources to help you and others with their thinking effectiveness, well-being and problem solving. It brings together 25 years of knowledge and experience and key Go M.A.D.® Thinking tools and techniques. There is no prior Go M.A.D.® experience needed and all techniques can be mastered by anyone, at any time – at work or at home. It’s perfect for solving problems fast, generating ideas and enabling you to focus on your goals.

Discover more about our ‘Thinking For Good‘ app here.

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"The app gives me valuable thinking time, a few minutes a day to really think about key issues. The questions stimulate really helpful problem solving too. "

– Quality Improvement Lead, NHS Trust

"Simple to use, great questions. Very easy to dip in and out of when looking for a bit of inspiration. "

– Denise Colmer, Service Delivery Manager, NHS Trust

"The app is great! A little pocket coach, portable, vibrant and always on! "

– Ruth Colville, Senior Project Manager, NHS Trust

Our sustainability impacts

We balance profit with people and planet. Go M.A.D. Thinking is a Certified B Corporation and is actively committed to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance. When good things happen in our world, then we pay it forward. We even have a ‘Head of DoGoodery’ to keep us on track.

So, when you take the time to discover what we do, we will plant a tree on your behalf via our partnership with B1G1. When we start working with a new client we provide 30 days of microcredit and training for a family in Vietnam. When we raise an invoice we provide 365 days of grain seeds to nourish children in Malawi. When a person attends one of our public programmes we provide 1,825 days of lifesaving clean water to people in Cambodia.

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