The Game-Changing Power of Connection

Across my two-decade career, I’ve danced between fully remote and hybrid work styles, becoming well-versed in their perks and pitfalls. I’ve tackled digital burnout, the disconnect from colleagues, and those classic FOMO moments that come with working away from the office.

This year, clients showed a trend—embracing remote flexibility, noting boosted performance and improved work-life balance. But a common gripe among remote workers? Feeling a bit disconnected, missing that human touch.

So, my team and I jumped in, partnering with a global client. Our secret sauce? Games! They create this chill space, breaking the isolation monotony, and letting team members vibe together. And guess what? A sprinkle of healthy competition in these games boosted teamwork big time and learning through fun.

As remote work assumes the mantle of normalcy within organisational frameworks, it becomes imperative to safeguard what I refer to as the ‘human quotient.’ Striving to strike a balance between autonomy and fostering interpersonal connections emerges as a pivotal pursuit in this evolving landscape. 

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