We’re hotshots at helping
people make a difference

And we have been doing it since 1997. For over 25 years we have helped organisations, teams and leaders achieve transformative results by thinking bigger, better and bolder. The Go M.A.D.® Thinking System has been proven by hundreds of delighted clients in over 40 countries to improve productivity, create breakthroughs, boost performance and Go Make a Difference in their world.

The Go M.A.D.® Thinking System is based on over 4,000 hours of research undertaken by our founder, Andy Gilbert. Through interviews and grounded research he sought to discover and explain in the simplest possible way, the key success principles that people naturally apply when Making a Difference. This led to the development of the 7 key principles within the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework and the wider Go M.A.D.® Thinking System as we know it today.

We are B Corp Certified and our team of passionate facilitators and consultants (who we call ‘Thinking Engineers’) are guided by our purpose and vision to make the world a better place and improve YOUR world through better thinking. In a nutshell, we give people the skills they need to solve problems and achieve their goals. Whether it be a 1-day Thinking Bigger Better Bolder® workshop, a 3-month Engage & Empower programme for leaders managing their teams through change or a 12-month Transforming Results Enabling Change (T.R.E.C. ®) challenge, we are helping people across the world achieve the results they want and more.

We call this the Art of Making A Difference and you can hear more about it from Andy in his 17-minute TEDx talk below.

ThinkOn® is an alternative trademark we use with some of our partners, including the NHS and some public and private sector clients when our usual name isn’t able to be used.

Rest assured it promises exactly the same high-quality thinking and results.

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Our home for our digital programmes and online learning.

We have lots of exciting things in development for this brand and plan to reach farther afield to help make a difference to people through digital innovation.

Our “Thinking For Good ”app, originally developed for the NHS, provides free practical resources to solve problems fast, generate ideas, focus on your goals and create Light Bulb Moments.

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Our goals are ambitious, but our premise is simple:

Change the way you think, the conversations you have and the questions you ask.

Then you will achieve better results.

Meet our team

Andy Gilbert

Managing Director

Andy is the developer of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, author of over 10 books, international conference speaker, change management facilitator for 300+ organisations in over 40 countries. He is responsible for inspiring and developing the Go M.A.D.® team to have Light Bulb Moments, researching how people think, writing practical development books and designing transformational change and improvement programmes.

Whilst he has a MSc in Human Resource Development, at heart Andy is a pragmatist that cares passionately about people continuously improving at work and helping others to Go Make A Difference. His 17 minute TEDx talk The Art of Making A Difference shares his story and our core methodology.

David Hannath

Thinking Engineer / Head of Consulting Services

David heads up our consulting team delivering our Goal Alignment Process (G.A.P.) and The Big Think collaboration projects. He works mainly with directors and senior leaders to design and deliver bespoke solutions to improve and accelerate organisational and system results through better thinking approaches.

David previously worked at the Institute of Directors as a tutor. He has over 15 years’ experience working with boards and senior teams in various UK sectors to develop improved leadership and organisational development capability.

A keen long-distance walker, he also has a love of camping and anything badger related!

Wayne Bird

Thinking Engineer / Head of Operations

Wayne has a great operational leadership background which has been invaluable during the Covid-19 pandemic. He works closely with licenced partners to optimise application of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking methodology and measure results. His client work is predominantly NHS focused where he has a passion for making a difference and supporting licenced ThinkOn Master Coaches to deliver our methodology internally.

Previously, Wayne was the senior employability and workforce lead, operationalising countrywide government initiatives aligned to Saudi Arabia’s bold 2030 vision. Despite returning in 2018, he is still getting used to the cooler UK climate and only removes layers of clothing on the hottest of hot days.

PJ Surani

Thinking Engineer / Head of Digital Strategy

PJ has worked as a business growth strategist predominantly with blue-chip clients globally for over 15 years – particularly within aviation, automotive and manufacturing where she is recognised for delivering success though innovation and disruptive ideas.

PJ thrives on facilitation and new product development and is our in-house transformation expert. She works closely with our internal teams leading our digital transformation and has a great understanding about how technology will play a significant part in achieving our 100 million Light Bulb Moment vision.

Her passion for aviation led to PJ learning to fly at 16 years old and qualifying as a commercial airline pilot aged 20. In her spare time she is an air traffic controller at a local airfield.

Julie Measures

Thinking Engineer

Jules is a highly experienced facilitator of transformation and culture change programmes with clients from all sectors. She has had great success with designing and delivering bespoke Results Acceleration Programmes (R.A.P.s) with clients to improve team productivity.

Jules is extremely flexible in many ways. From previously running her own advertising business she has great experience to help clients and is an accomplished Go M.A.D.® coach supporting many of our licenced trainers and Master Coaches. She is also a qualified yoga instructor.

Kathryn Roberts

Thinking Engineer

Kath is massively experienced having joined Go M.A.D.® as employee number two over 20 years ago. Unsurprisingly, she has worked with a wide range of public and private sector organisations designing and facilitating largescale leadership and change programmes.

As our Lead Master Coach, Kath provides continuous professional development and coaching supervision to over 50 licenced Go M.A.D./ThinkOn® Master Coaches employed within client organisations.

Kath is also responsible for overseeing the structural design of our digital learning programmes including the scripting of new videos and producing over 250 episodes of our “Thinking For Business Success” audio podcasts.

Dave King

Operations Improvement & Special Projects Manager

Dave leads our operations improvement and special projects. He has a great strategic and operational leadership background. An Executive MBA graduate with over 25 years’ experience at Director and Head of Department positions, gained through a multi-disciplined career in multinational corporate organisations, private equity/ownership and public sector environments.

Dave has led significant value improvement within organisations through strategy review, operational change, supply chain and procurement transformation, outsourcing, company mergers and cultural change.

Away from work, Dave volunteers as the Deputy Chair of Trustees for a group of c20 schools in Derbyshire. He is also is a keen golf and tennis player and is one of several Leicester City supporters within the team.

Helen Eivers

Thinking Engineer

Helen has a background in NHS & HSE Ireland healthcare working as a Paramedic, Paramedic Tutor, Emergency department staff nurse and a Clinical Leader with a NHS 111 provider. She has a strong leadership background over many years and has been proactively engaged with external stakeholders within the NHS. She is passionate about making a difference and developing teams and organisations.

She is proud of how she has supported the growth and journey of her teams over the years and enjoys providing 1-to-1 coaching. This leads to more purposeful conversations and delivers transformations within both personal and work lives.

Find out more about Helen.

Vicky Baddick

Office Manager

Vicky has been with Go M.A.D. Thinking since October 2014 and works part-time. She liaises with clients and the Thinking Engineers to ensure the smooth running and delivery of programmes. She works behind the scenes for the everyday running of the office and is a friendly face to greet clients on arrival at our HQ. And finally makes it happen!

Vicky is a Mum of three and enjoys running and achieved a sub three-hour marathon in 2021.

Jade Blocksidge

Digital Product/Project Manager

Jade has a first-class degree in psychology and has combined her published research with the Go M.A.D.® Thinking methodology within our digital “Well-being” programme for which she is the lead presenter.

Jade leads the digital team and is the project manager for all the digital products and projects within the business.

With a love of acting, she occasionally gets asked about the Zombie B-movie she once starred in!

Harriett Gilbert

Finance & H.R. Director

After 23 years of retail banking and quality improvement, Harriett joined Andy at Go M.A.D.® believing she would have a comfortable role as a Make It Happen Manager. This was not to be the case and, as the business grew, she now finds herself dealing with mainly financial, legal compliance and trademark/copyright issues. Fortunately, much of this can be dealt with remotely and so Harriett does enjoy travelling and playing bridge.

Clive Mendes

Non-Exec Chairman

Clive is an international management consultant with a reputation as a visionary CEO within the Insurance industry where he originated the idea of the first trust based Pay-As-You-Drive policy in the world and set up Royal Insurance in Italy where he was General Manager and CEO from launch until the business was sold to Direct Line.

Clive has established and grown traditional and fintech businesses in UK, EMEA, Italy, Portugal, Bahrain, and Australia. His global strategic experience plus his ability to speak 8 languages adds incredible value to the Go M.A.D.® team and our international clients. Originally a client in 2000, he is a passionate advocate of everything we do having successfully applied the Go M.A.D.® Thinking methodology around the world for 20+ years.

As a multi-talented allrounder, outside of work, he is also an accomplished musician and creative artist.

Andy West

Board Advisor

Andy is Managing Consultant of Westofcenter Ltd, a consulting firm that supports ambitious companies in achieving high performance business outcomes. The approach is rooted in more than 30-years of business development, marketing, agency, and client management experience.

Prior to setting up Westofcenter, Andy was Chief Development Officer for Hotwire, one of the world’s leading technology communications firms. In this role, he was responsible for the agency’s growth from £4.8m turnover to more than £35m and was part of the leadership team that acquired and then integrated US based Eastwick Communications into the business to create a right sized challenger agency that has consistently outperformed the established multi-national networks.


Augmented Intelligence Expert

Joe is our imaginary friend. He is the most intelligent & quietest member of our team (high I.Q. but low E.Q.) who works at lightning speed behind the scenes on our most complex consulting projects.

As our A.I. expert, he only gets upset if described as being “artificial”. Being a realist who specialises in sorting large volumes of complex client data, Joe is best described as having “augmented intelligence”. Day to day he appears to be a shy introvert keeping himself tucked away inside a computer and is very low maintenance despite having an incredible appetite (for client data). However, if you push his button, he is a dynamo and will leap into action providing clients with amazingly clear detailed analytical reports and detailed road maps. When we facilitate large-scale research projects and complex collaboration conversations (sometimes with thousands of participants), then Joe is undoubtedly our star performer. We hope you get to meet him one day.