So, what makes us different?

It’s a question that is often asked.

Here are our top ten answers to that frequently asked question.

1. Our purpose

“To improve YOUR world through better thinking”

We consider your world to include your own hopes, goals, and challenges, together with those of your family, friends and work colleagues. We seek to help you achieve greater personal and business success through the use of our practical resources and proven approach to thinking differently.


2. Our guarantee

If we don’t deliver on our purpose, we don’t deserve to be paid! So, if your world is not improved by applying our methodology then we will either work with you until it is, or give you a refund.


3. Our Go M.A.D.® Results Framework

Backed by grounded research and proven by the success achieved by hundreds of thousands of people in over 40 countries, we know our methodology gets results.


4. The best A.I. collaboration software in the world

In our opinion! The software we use facilitates purposeful and productive conversations on any topic (between 4 – 15000+ participants) and translates everyone’s unique opinions into viable agreed strategy and plans with detailed roadmaps within just 2-6 weeks.


5. Our creative licencing models

A library of intellectual property including over 20 books, 350 learning modules in video, audio and digital format that we licence to our partners through accrediting in-house Master Coaches and facilitators to become internal transformation consultants and achieve massive results whilst we provide remote support.


6. Our 2023 vision

To make the world a brighter place by helping over 100 million people have a Light Bulb Moment.

We are kickstarting this ambitious project with Generation Changemaker our 10 year programme to dramatically change the lives of 100 unemployed 18-24 year olds.


7.  Our 2028 humanitarian vision

To make the world a better place by being the catalyst for at least 1,000 humanitarian projects.


8. We challenge you to think differently

…And we have a mantra of  “anything is a possibility” as we constantly seek to improve the world of our clients through better thinking.


9.  We work for free

If you become a key strategic Light Bulb Moment Partner seeking to make a big difference in the world in line with our vision and purpose then we will provide a special licence for you to use our intellectual property totally free.


10.  When good, then good

When good things happen in our world, then we pay it forward. We even have a “Head of Dogoodery” to keep us on track. So, when you contact us we will plant a tree on your behalf via our partnership with B1G1. Just get in touch and say “Hi, I’m interested in Making A Difference, not staying the same!”


So, which one most appeals to you?

Get in touch on the link below or call us to share which of our top ten you would like to discuss with one of our Thinking Engineers.

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