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Thinking and Acting Differently

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  • Would you like to give your school leadership team a boost and enable them to engage their teams to improve performance and well-being?

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We’re hotshots at helping
people make a difference

And we have been doing it since 1997. For over 25 years we have helped organisations, teams and leaders achieve transformative results by thinking bigger, better and bolder. The Go M.A.D.® Thinking System has been proven by hundreds of delighted clients in over 40 countries to improve productivity, create breakthroughs, boost performance and Go Make a Difference in their world.

The Go M.A.D.® Thinking System is based on over 4,000 hours of research undertaken by our founder, Andy Gilbert. Through interviews and grounded research he sought to discover and explain in the simplest possible way, the key success principles that people naturally apply when Making a Difference. This led to the development of the 7 key principles within the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework and the wider Go M.A.D.® Thinking System as we know it today.

We are B Corp Certified and our team of passionate facilitators and consultants (who we call ‘Thinking Engineers’) are guided by our purpose and vision to make the world a better place and improve YOUR world through better thinking. In a nutshell, we give people the skills they need to solve problems and achieve their goals. Whether it be a 1-day Thinking Bigger Better Bolder® workshop, a 3-month Engage & Empower programme for leaders managing their teams through change or a 12-month Transforming Results Enabling Change (T.R.E.C. ®) challenge, we are helping people across the world achieve the results they want and more.

We call this the Art of Making A Difference and you can hear more about it from Andy in his 17-minute TEDx talk below.

Our goals are ambitious, but our premise is simple:
Change the way you think, the conversations you have and the questions you ask.
Then you will achieve better results.