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Transforming Results & Enabling Change (T.R.E.C.) Challenge

2022 marks our 25 years helping leaders and teams to Go Make A Difference. During that time we have been the catalyst for some amazing results – from saving lives to saving £millions!

To celebrate our 25th business anniversary we are inviting 25 organisations to take part in a business improvement ‘Challenge’ to make the biggest difference to their strategic issues and priorities in 2022, using our insights and 25 proven best practices.  It comes not only with our support and resources, but also our amazing 10X Results Guarantee.


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Imagine 2022 being a year when the biggest issues affecting your organisation are tackled and solved – or your most important priorities gain the needed momentum and thinking for success.
Whether these are post-pandemic recoveries; financial efficiencies; restructures; digital transformations; operational improvements or even culture change, they can be addressed as part of this T.R.E.C. Challenge.

Join us for a day at our home in the National Forest where you will discover:

  • Key leadership and team insights gained during the past 25 years which have inspired this Challenge
  • How the T.R.E.C. Challenge will work to turbocharge your people and ways of working
  • The optimum way to engage and empower teams not to just improve their own productivity but to create a ‘ripple effect’ across the organisation
  • The new, inspirational, Best Practice resources available to leaders and their teams
  • Our latest findings about transforming culture by improving and removing meetings
  • The opportunity for your organisation to feature as a case study in a new results focused book
  • The amazing return on investment guarantee
  • And…. how your organisation’s involvement in the Challenge will help the world!

In addition, you will get to learn and test a sample of some of the new resources which are only available through this Challenge as well as experiencing some of the proven Best Practice techniques to ‘Transform Results and Enable Change’

Programme details

This 1 day workshop will run from 10:00am till 3.30pm, with lunch and light refreshments on the following date:

  • TBC

Location: Go MAD Thinking, Pocket Gate Farm, Off Breakback Road, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire LE12 8RS.

If you are a business leader wanting to create a ripple effect for up to 250 people, across multiple teams, to work in new ways throughout 2022, then contact us using the button below.

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