T.R.E.C. Challenge

Transform Results and Enable Change

Introduction from (Sponsor)

I am really pleased to have you on board as one of 25 leaders taking part in this 12-month T.R.E.C. Challenge. Together we will develop and implement new ways to transform results and enable change within our organisation. A critical part of this is engaging our teams to think differently. I am confident that by introducing and embedding the 25 T.R.E.C. best practices we will achieve significant results – both individually and collectively.

“Name” will be working in a Continuous Improvement Coach role for 50% of their time, supporting me in the implementation and measurement of this Challenge. “Name” has been trained in the T.R.E.C. methodology and will support you to introduce the many available resources and optimise them with your team. I encourage you to make the most of these.

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– Sponsor

About the Challenge

The T.R.E.C. Challenge really focuses on improving the quality of our thinking and that of our teams. This, in turn, will lead to better actions and better results.

Here is a quick overview of what happens next:

  • Launch and align (When & how to be explained)
    We share the vision, agree success measures and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and understand how the T.R.E.C. Challenge works.
  • Onboard
    To get you up to speed with the Go M.A.D. Thinking key principles and core methodology, there is a short digital course that you can access below. Please note this will also be provided to your team members so that everyone benefits from the shared language and practical set of tools/techniques.
  • Learn and develop
    You will receive a variety of T.R.E.C. resources, including access to the 25 Best Practices which are easy to learn and apply with your team. XXX, in their Continuous Improvement Coach role, will inform you of regular online development sessions and quarterly review workshops.
  • Spread and embed
    One of your key T.R.E.C. Challenge responsibilities is to create a ripple effect so that others start to think bigger, better and bolder. You will learn more about introducing improvement challenges within your team.
  • Measure and report
    XXX will work with you to ensure measurable results are achieved and recorded. We will share and celebrate progress as a wider team throughout the 12 months.
  • Celebrate and award
    At the conclusion of the 12-month T.R.E.C. Challenge we will gather to celebrate our collective success and toast the best of our individual achievements. I look forward to raising a glass with you!

Getting Started

As a starting point, please take time (2-4 hours) to complete this self-managed digital course: ‘Stretch – Thinking Bigger, Better, Bolder’ which will introduce you to two of the Go M.A.D. Thinking® frameworks. The first provides insights into how people’s thinking impacts their performance. The second framework focuses on applying 7 key success principles.

The course contains very practical video-based modules and a series of exercises. It concludes with a virtual coaching session, where you will be invited to set yourself a challenge and create an actionable plan for the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Much of the content links with the 25 Best Practices you will discover when you receive access to your digital T.R.E.C. Handbook.

To access the course, please follow the steps below:

  • Access the course HERE and click ‘Enrol’ (please ensure you are using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)
  • Complete the ‘Sign up now’ form and click ‘Start Your Learning Journey’
  • Complete the Checkout form and enter your unique coupon code (given to you by our Continuous Improvement Coach) which will reduce the price to £0 when you click Redeem
  • Accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’ by ticking the box and click ‘Continue’
  • You now have full access to the Stretch: Thinking Bigger, Better, Bolder course. Click ‘Start Learning’ at the top of the screen to begin
  • You can pick up your learning at any point by logging back in here

Any problems?

If you experience any problems gaining access, please email team@gomadthinking.com or call 01509 891313.

Everyone is capable of thinking in a bigger, better and bolder way.

It’s about understanding your thinking and having the tools and techniques at your fingertips to use every day. The principle is simple - better thinking leads to better actions; better actions lead to better results.

Ready to start your T.R.E.C. Challenge? Enjoy!