Developing a new company vision and driving employee engagement

Applying the Go MAD Thinking methodology and approach throughout this UK business unit from senior management through to the sales team and head office staff led to an improved employee mindset and tangible business benefits including additional savings and additional revenue.

"The programmes have provoked people to think, ultimately helping us to drive growth plans. The change in mindset for some people has been quite radical and has even helped to improve people's lives outside of work."

– Lisa Rankin, HR Manager

"The beauty of Go MAD is whilst it helps the business to deliver its objectives, the business also gives back something to its employees with the tools and techniques learned."

– Lisa Rankin, HR Manager

The challenge

As part of a global corporation producing market leading sports shoes, clothing and accessories Asics UK asked Go MAD Thinking to work with them at all levels of the business to develop a new vision for the company, drive employee engagement and a culture change following a recent restructure.

We used solution focused thinking and the Go MAD Results Framework as the basis of a series of workshops with senior managers, teams, managers and head office employees.

The solution

Facilitated workshops were held with different stakeholders to kick-off the project including the Senior Management Team, Sales Team, Head Office Managers and the Head Office Employees.

A one-day workshop with the senior management team led to the creation of a new vision for the UK business which focused on employee energy and passion which filtered down to other areas of the business.

The Sales Team and Head Office Managers participated in a two-day workshop where coaching sessions were used to identify goals relating to the new company vision. Team and individual challenges were agreed over a 90-day period covering areas which would make a difference to the day-to-day performance of the business.

To integrate the Go MAD methodology throughout the whole business all head office staff attended two half-day workshops which introduced them to the Go MAD Framework and toolkit. Delegates were coached using the framework and individually defined goals linked to achieving the company vision.

The results

By applying solution focused thinking and the coaching methods learnt during the facilitated workshops participants realised why it was important to take personal responsibility for decisions. They learnt how to focus energy on outcomes they can influence. This change in mindset alongside new strategies to encourage employee engagement such as role swaps and a mentoring programme saw a big shift in the culture.

All managers were trained as Go MAD Thinking accredited coaches to maintain momentum and strengthen understanding of the Go MAD Thinking approach. The work resulted in an increased pride in the brand with more employees wearing company products and one participant commenting “since the team did Go MAD the whole place is in a lighter place”.

£50k savings achieved by re-defining sales process and reducing waste

Growth in sales equated to ROI of 5x the Go MAD Thinking project cost

Project aims were exceeded, resulting in £4m additional revenue

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