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Is the way your culture – the way things are currently being done – helping or hindering the achievement of your vision? What would you like to change or transform?

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Different ways of working require different ways of thinking

Go M.A.D. is a rallying call to “Go Make A Difference” – not stay the same! After 25 years of facilitating transformation in over 40 countries we collated our 25 proven best practices to design the Transforming Results Enabling Change (T.R.E.C.®) Challenge for organisational leaders and teams to make significant strategic differences with a guaranteed 5 x Return On Investment.

Whether your issues are operational performance improvements, financial efficiencies, digital transformations or even cultural change, we can help you make them happen.

How the T.R.E.C.® challenge works

25 leaders apply 25 best practices

The T.R.E.C.® Challenge enables up to 25 team leaders in your organisation to apply our Thinking Frameworks and 25 Best Practices with their teams to Transform Results and Enable Change. Imagine the impact that 250 solution focused people in your organisation could make.

  • Stage 1: Set Up & Launch − We kickstart the challenge with an event for Sponsors and help you create your challenge vision and plan. We train an internal Continuous Improvement (C.I.) Coach in the core Go M.A.D.® Thinking methodology and 25 Best Practices.
  • Stage 2: Onboard & Align − You identify up to 25 leaders with teams and share your challenge vision and plan. We help you onboard the leaders and continue to support them through virtual events and digital learning.
  • Stage 3: Develop & Share − Your C.I. Coach gives leaders access to T.R.E.C.® resources and 25 Best Practices and provides monthly coaching using our 12-step success routeway to guide leaders in their 12-month T.R.E.C. journey.
  • Stage 4: Spread & Embed − Leaders help their teams to have more purposeful and productive conversations and introduce the T.R.E.C.® Best Practices. Teams implement time-bound goals (30, 60, 90 days) putting their knowledge into immediate practice.
  • Stage 5: Measure & Report − Leaders measure and share progress, results and inspirational achievements. The C.I. Coach collates and reports the return on investment.
  • Stage 6: Celebrate & Review − We help you to organise an end of challenge review event to celebrate your successes and share your learning – ready for your next challenge!

Our approach

Developing your change capability

We develop and continually support the person you identify as your Continuous Improvement Coach to become world-class. Your 25 team leaders will receive monthly coaching sessions with your C.I. Coach to ensure they are able to apply the 25 Best Practices and Go M.A.D.® Thinking Frameworks in continuous improvement cycles.

At the core is a brand new T.R.E.C.® Leaders Handbook and set of Catalyst Cards, which provide the 25 Best Practices we have found to be critical in making lasting impact. Digital resources, mobile apps, development events and webinars, enable Sponsors, Coaches, Leaders and Teams to build momentum and drive your Challenge forward.

What makes us different

Our Purpose: to improve YOUR world through better thinking

Research based frameworks

Since 1998 our inhouse team has conducted research that has produced 20 books, 300+ audio/video programmes, and underpins our Thinking Effectiveness, Results and Leadership Frameworks

Guaranteed return on investment

We are so confident our approaches work - if we can’t help you succeed by using our proven methodology, we don’t deserve to get paid!

Proven change methodology

We are experts in the people side of change. Our robust 12-point installation plan ensures our solution focused approach can be embedded with measurable results at all levels.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”
– Lao-tzu

We will be beside you on your 12-month T.R.E.C.®

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