T.R.E.C.® Team Challenge

Transform Results and Enable Change with 12 months of development and support for you and your team

Are you a leader with a team of up to 10 people seeking to make a significant difference in tackling key issues and achieving ambitious goals? If so, we can coach you to develop your team and apply the 25 best practices that we have tested and proven to make the greatest lasting impact on team productivity.

Your personal Go M.A.D. coach will work with you on a monthly basis using our 12-step success routeway to create a “ripple effect” in your team and beyond. Providing each of your team members with our Stretch: Thinking Bigger, Better, Bolder® digital programme and combining 30-day Go M.A.D.® Thinking challenges, you will be supported in your challenge to have your most productive 12 months ever!

We guarantee you will achieve at least ten times your initial investment and will continue to support you until you do exactly that.

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"No doubt about it, Go M.A.D. is a powerful tool. I first learned the framework for personal reasons and found immediate applications for both my daily business and person life. It wasn´t long after that I could see that by cascading the framework to the rest of the management team, we could see even better results. It has changed the way we approach challenges and the result is a very solutions focused team – from top to bottom. We are located in Spain so I was concerned about potential cultural and linguistic boundaries. However, the system is so powerful yet so basic, our team learned it without any difficulty."

– Stephen Phillips, CEO, Reparalia