Thinking Bigger, Better & Bolder®

If you want to achieve results easier and solve problems quicker – you need to think differently! Better results only come through changing the way we do things. In order to change behaviour (especially habits) people need to first change the way they think. Better thinking, better actions, better results – that’s the winning formula! The “new normal” requires everyone to think in a bigger, better and bolder way – which is possible once you understand how to apply the 7 Go M.A.D.® key success principles. When a team learns and starts to apply these as a solution focused set of techniques and a shared language, performance can sky rocket!

This 4-hour digital course led by Andy Gilbert, developer of the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System, contains 45 bite-sized sessions built around a series of 2-7 minute videos and practical exercises.  Based on his bestselling book (over 300,000 copies) “Go M.A.D. – The Art of Making A Difference” and 25 years of teaching this programme around the world, our most popular digital programme will provide you and your team with great ways to achieve goals, tackle problems and feel more confident in helping others to think differently about their goals and challenges. It will immediately get you thinking differently and culminates in a virtual coaching session to develop a robust action plan for the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Be prepared to experience multiple Light Bulb Moments!

Course modules:

  • Thinking Bigger – Discover four ways to help you upsize your thinking to achieve greater results.
  • Think Better to Achieve Goals – Learn how to practically apply the 7 Go M.A.D.® key success principles day to day.
  • Think Better to solve Problems -Discover an incredibly speedy and efficient way to move from a problem to a solution.
  • Thinking Bolder to Achieve Breakthroughs – Gain ways to be more creative in the way you currently think and see what happens.
  • Building a Plan to Think Bigger, Better and Bolder® – Put your learning into action, to make a difference for yourself, your team or your organisation.

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"A practical and innovative toolkit to use time and time again for yourself and with others. I have introduced it to all 120 members of my wider team to improve our ways of working"

– Neil Holden, Group Chief Technology Officer, Halfords Group PLC