Solution Focused Thinking Programmes

Embed and apply Solution Focused Thinking to key organisational goals

Discover how to make a measurable difference in your organisation on our flagship Solution Focused Thinking Programme by mastering the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System.

Based on our best-selling books ‘The Art of Making a Difference‘, ‘Go M.A.D. about Coaching‘ and ‘‘How to Save Time and Money by Managing Meetings Effectively’‘ you will learn how to coach yourself and others boosting your own personal effectiveness and your ability to help others to improve performance and find solutions by thinking differently. By using the proven techniques you will make significant improvements and have a positive, measurable impact on your organisation through 30, 60 and 90-day challenges. 

We guarantee this programme will transform your future. 

4-day Face-to-Face Programme 90-Day Mastery Online Programme

Graduates of this programme acquire a vast toolkit of advanced techniques for a lifetime of enhanced personal effectiveness, confidence and ability to make significant, measurable and lasting impacts in the workplace.



Programme Outcomes

Our Solution Focused Thinking Programmes will ensure you master the core Go M.A.D. Thinking skills, practical tools and techniques to use both at a personal level and to assist others in making measurable business improvements. Plus, by demonstrating and submitting evidence of a return on investment to your organisation you will gain Go M.A.D.® accreditation. 

  • Explain the 7 key principles and eleven critical links that are the DNA of success
  • Use High Quality Questioning techniques to improve conversations with yourself, with others and with groups
  • Utilise four goal defining techniques to create goals about anything and give absolute clarity to outcomes
  • Generate vast quantities of ideas through possibility thinking to greatly increase your options
  • Coach yourself and others using a structured pathway to achieve goals and solve problems
  • Show the results of 30-Day challenges that have made a measurable difference in the workplace

The public programme runs each month throughout the year both in person at our inspirational HQ. in Leicestershire and remotely using a mix of live interactive training sessions via Zoom and guided online learning modules. Discover more on the links below.

4-day Face-to-Face Programme 90-Day Mastery Online Programme

"Fantastic! I have been in the call centre industry for 15 years and thought that I had seen pretty much every way of coaching and managing people. I have been shown a whole new way of doing things that will have a great benefit to what we do here. I came away with the tools to move my managers and teams onwards to greater levels. I have also found a way of getting the managers to find the answers from within themselves instead of just asking questions that they know the answers to."

– Customer Relations Operations Manager Virgin Media

"I really benefited from attending the Solutions Focused Thinking programme, both on a business and personal level. The methodology is practical and easy to use and I find my wider team getting value from the process when I apply the methodology in our team meetings. I've recommended many colleagues to attend this dynamic programme."

– Head of Culture, Veolia

"A life changing course! I have spent the whole weekend explaining the course to friends and family, I am consciously changing my thoughts and behaviours with the confidence that it will become second nature. It is strange that we are always taught to behave better, from teachers and parents, no one thought to teach us to ‘think’ better to ourselves and better...what a difference it has made to me."

– Facilities Manager at Close Brothers Motor Finance