Coaching Conversations

Situational Judgement Test

One of the most important challenges for any organisation that wants to foster a coaching culture is ‘Do our people think effectively and help others to think effectively?’ Answering this question is now easier than ever with the Coaching Conversations assessment tool.

Coaching Conversations is an online multiple choice assessment that measures an individual’s ability to judge 21 real-life coaching opportunities and decide on the most appropriate ways of handling them. Answers are benchmarked against behaviours that underpin successful coaching conversations using Go M.A. D.® as a coaching framework. An individual’s responses are then compared with a set of ideal answers generated by experts and a normative group, to produce a detailed report that provides an overall score, three contextual scores for coaching individuals, teams and self, plus seven scores relating to the application of the Go M.A.D. key principles. A comprehensive set of suggested actions and tips for improvement are included.

Recommended uses:

  • Support with developing an organisational coaching culture
  • Support with creating individual development plans
  • Clearly identifying learning needs before attending Go M.A.D. Thinking training
  • Recruitment and selection of employees
  • Succession planning – identifying coaching potential in individuals
  • Supporting a coaching or mentoring programme

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"I have been using the Go M.A.D. Results Framework for over fifteen years to help myself and others improve their productivity. What I really like about it is its versatility and the results I see when coaching others. Whether I have 10 minutes with someone or 2 hours, whether it’s a friend or a senior executive, whether it’s working on a personal development plan or shaping a strategy, I can use it and it makes a genuine difference. I've always believed it would be a great assessment tool. Now it is!"

– Rob Dominic, psychologist & Founding Director of Viewpoint Consulting. Co–developer of the Coaching Conversations situational assessment test