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Do you want to get people thinking differently? Thinking bigger, better, bolder to achieve results quicker and easier? If so, you are in the right place!

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Better thinking, better plans, better actions, better results!

Get new projects off the ground easier. Perhaps get some existing projects back on track? What if we could show you a way to turbocharge performance by engaging leaders and teams in cracking those tough problems through facilitated Big Breakthrough Workshops and get them collaborating on sponsored strategic challenges via 60 or 90-day Results Acceleration Programmes.

This is what we do best! The Go M.A.D.® Results Framework has stood the test of time and been applied in over 40 countries by thousands of teams to accelerate results. Even where organisations are deemed world class through the use of Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen and Operational Excellence methodologies, we continue to add value over and above current levels of performance.

How a Results Acceleration Programme works

2 x 60 or 90-Day Facilitated Team Challenges

If you are seeking to achieve high impact business results and develop leaders, the Results Acceleration Programme (R.A.P.) is a proven way to do this. The guaranteed impact and payment-on-results option provides a risk-free opportunity for you to quickly experience the impact and benefit of our approach.

Up to 12 participants undergo a 4-6 month programme focused on delivering business impact and ROI. Participants acquire the Go M.A.D.® Thinking toolkit and apply it to a range of sponsored business challenges. Progress is reviewed regularly to maintain focus, assess learning, redefine goals and celebrate success. The process typically sees new challenges agreed every 60 or 90 days.

  • Step 1: Identify the business issues and agree measures of success
  • Step 2: Agree the challenge groups and sponsors
  • Step 3: Equip each challenge team with the Go M.A.D.® Thinking toolkit & facilitate them to apply to their sponsored challenge to produce a fresh detailed 60-day plan with clear accountabilities
  • Step 4: Review progress at 30 or 45, 60 or 90 and 120 or 180 days
  • Step 5: Develop & support online or via coaching calls
  • Step 6: Measure the return on investment

Our approach

Engaging teams to apply better thinking to business challenges

The business challenges can literally be anything that is significant to your organisation. Typically these focus on:


Cost Savings


Unit Costs, Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Acquisition Costs, Service Costs, Penalties/Fines, Admin Costs, Management Costs, Cost of Sale, Development Costs, Call Length & Outcomes

Output Increases


Production, Volume, Sales (Appointments, Volumes, Value), Items processed, Turnover (Numbers, Value), Applications, Client/customer base

Time Savings


Response Times, Resolution Times, Downtime, Overtime, Project completion, Processing time, Meeting time, Repair time, Turnaround, New Product Development

Quality Improvements


Waste, Errors, Deviation of Standards, Product Defects, Product Failures, Product Recalls, Accidents, Claims, Complaints, Meeting Effectiveness

Spectacular productivity results

"We increased productivity by 7%, 26% and over 30% in three separate departments just by releasing the creativity within the teams by asking those possibility questions that freed their mind and gave rise to a future state that nobody had possibly imagined. Not only was there simplification of our processes we also released an extra million device capacity within the facility and the tools and techniques seemed so much fun I thought I better get myself trained on them as well."

– Jon Byrne, General Manager, Owen Mumford

What makes us different

Better thinking, better actions, better results

25 years of global experience

We have worked with senior leaders across most sectors in over 40 countries to tackle ambitious challenges and have a strong track record of making a measurable difference

Our Purpose: “To improve YOUR world through better thinking”

Our reason for being is to help you think bigger, better, bolder to turn Light Bulb Moments into action and achieve improved results

Research based frameworks

Since 1998 our inhouse team has conducted research that has produced 20 books, 300+ audio/video programmes, and underpins our Thinking Effectiveness, Results and Leadership Frameworks

So what results are you seeking to achieve?

Change the thinking to change the performance.

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