Meeting Effectiveness Audit

Designed to improve the productivity of meetings

How many meetings in your organisation are ineffective, boring, wasteful and unproductive? There is a solution! Let us conduct an observed assessment to capture the quality of thinking in a detailed diagnostic report. Our trained Thinking Engineers (yes – it’s a real job title!) can either attend in person, observe online or you can send us a recording.

Following the meeting the results are calculated and immediately shared with the chair/leaders to show factual evidence of the quality of questions asked and the impact of statements made. The results provide an overall assessment of the meeting effectiveness as a percentage. Leaders are given personal feedback on their own results and recommendations for improvement.

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This activity is just one of the 25 best practices contained within our T.R.E.C. Challenges and can be a cultural gamechanger when meetings become more purposeful and productive. For largescale change and transformation we can licence our methodology and train your people to conduct Meeting Effectiveness Audits throughout your organisation.

"We invited Andy Gilbert to be our team coach, conduct a Meeting Effectiveness Audit about the way we worked as a high performing HR Leadership team and then provide feedback and facilitation to improve our performance. Within a couple of sessions we measurably improved our effectiveness, developed new ways of thinking and are now reaping the results in the way we work. This solution focused approach to thinking is robust, well researched, has great support materials and does what it says – it really helps people and teams Go Make A Difference!"

– Marguerite Ulrich, former Chief Human Resources Officer, Veolia UK & Ireland