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The People Side of Change

Leading your team through change and uncertainty

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Putting People First for Lasting Impact

Change is an inevitable and essential part of progress in any organisation. However, the people side of change is often the most critical, yet frequently overlooked aspect. It is this human element that can make or break the success of any transformational journey. Without taking your people with you on this journey, the change you envision might not materialise as effectively as you hope.

Navigating change can be a daunting task for leaders and teams alike. Resistance, fear, and uncertainty often accompany any significant organisational shift. That’s where our Engage & Empower programmes come in to play. We are dedicated to supporting leaders like you in managing your teams through these periods of change with confidence, empathy, and skill.

Engage and Empower employees through change

Engage & Empower

Imagine having access to a secret source of resources designed to continually adjust to your needs and the changes you and your team are experiencing. Not only will you discover great, practical tools and techniques to deal with every day and unexpected challenges, you receive 9 weeks of adaptive support to help you and your team with their journey.

Through the live skills development workshop and the Fortnightly Workouts, you get to tackle what’s new, what’s hot and what’s on your mind. Your ability to engage and empower your team will rapidly increase through ongoing practical support from the Go M.A.D. team as you learn and apply proven, practical tips to handle the new challenges that will undoubtedly come your way during the 9 weeks of the programme.

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t get any benefit after 50% of the Engage & Empower programme then just ask and you will get 100% of your money back. We think that’s a fair deal for you and it keeps us on our toes to constantly add value!

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"The Engage & Empower Programme does exactly that! The excellent online materials and practical tools engaged and empowered me to engage and empower my team, enabling them to make decisions with confidence and be much more productive during a period of massive change. The weekly workouts were expertly facilitated to support me and it was great to meet likeminded people and take the Engage & Empower journey together. The impact of this programme significantly helped me gain promotion. All-round it was just fantastic, I would highly recommend this programme! "

– Head of Clinical Services, Nottingham CityCare Partnership

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