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The “new normal” requires new ways of thinking and for leaders to be capable of fresh thinking and engaging their teams to think differently.

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Is it time for your leaders to think differently?

The world is not the same as it was a couple of years ago and it will keep on changing at an ever increasing speed. So, how equipped are your leaders at all levels to think and act differently to deal with remote/virtual working, increased global collaboration, technological change, customer expectations and consumer demands?

At Go M.A.D. Thinking we have developed three proven frameworks (based on grounded research) to assist people to think bigger, better and bolder whilst supporting their teams to achieve greater results.

How it works

Start with a goal or a challenge

Better questions cause better thinking which creates better results

We train, coach or facilitate leaders to ask better questions. That’s it in a nutshell. Always starting with a current goal or challenge, we help leaders to design or answer the right questions at the right time for themselves or the right person.

Here are our top ten ways we meet different leadership needs:

  1. Training how to apply the 7 key principles of the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework as a shared leadership problem solving, coaching and planning tool usually based around 60 or 90-day leadership challenges.
  2. Executive 1:1 coaching – sometimes including our Coaching Conversations Situational Judgement Test
  3. Collaborating using Augmented Intelligent Software to build or refresh strategic plans and check alignment
  4. Conducting a Meetings Effectiveness Audit with development feedback
  5. Developing a set of behavioural Leadership Ground Rules
  6. Checking individual or team alignment with the 6 areas of the Go M.A.D.® Leadership Framework
  7. Facilitating more purposeful and productive leadership meetings or Big Breakthrough Workshops
  8. Designing “thinking templates” for preparing, delivering and discussing different types of Executive team and Board presentations
  9. Co-facilitating quarterly Leadership Masterclasses with the CEO
  10. Being the sponsor or participant of a Transforming Results, Enabling Change (T.R.E.C.®) Challenge

Developing leaders across all sectors

From global pharmaceutical companies to regional breweries

"The beauty of the Go M.A.D. Thinking methodology is its simplicity and practical application. Whether it be defining strategic goals, problem solving, coaching teams or managing projects, the Solution Focused Thinking programme I first attended over 20 years ago has proved to be the most useful and impactful of all my leadership training. The seven Go M.A.D. key principles have stuck with me and the Results Framework has provided a structured, yet flexible, way to ask myself and my teams the right question at the right time to uncover possibilities and break complex goals into achievable actionable priorities. As a senior leader with global responsibility, I now ensure my leaders learn and apply this approach to accelerating results and enabling change."

– VP Global Medical Affairs, Pharmaceutical Industry

"The Go M.A.D. methodology has been a part of our business for many years. It has developed our culture, thinking and performance through providing a common language and practical set of tools that has enabled our people to make real measurable differences. From our company vision and values to our day-to-day behaviours it has been instrumental in us winning several major industry awards."

– Stephen Gould, Managing Director, Everards Brewery

What makes us different

Leadership thinking requires better questions

25 years of global experience

We have worked with senior leaders across most sectors in over 40 countries to tackle ambitious challenges and have a strong track record of making a measurable difference

Our Purpose: “To improve YOUR world through better thinking”

Our reason for being is to help you think bigger, better, bolder to turn Light Bulb Moments into action and achieve improved results

Best-in-class A.I. software

We enable large-scale problem solving and the development of strategic roadmaps super-fast (days not months) by using clever technology to collaborate on any topic with any number of people inside or outside your organisation

Leaders inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more

They Go Make a Difference!

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