Mobile apps

Coaching & Problem Solving

Mobile apps are a great tool to embed and reinforce learning and skill development throughout your teams. Always accessible and always in your pocket they bring learning to life and tools and resources to your fingertips.

Our apps feature a range of Go M.A.D.® practical problem solving tools and coaching resources that link with our digital programmes. They contain video, interactive audio and text based questions to provide you with stimulating mobile content to help you think bigger, better and bolder.

Our customisable apps enable:

  • Go M.A.D. Thinking tools & resources to be used 24/7
    Our Thinking For Good app was developed to assist NHS workers during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It can now help you and your team to solve problems quickly, define goals, generate ideas and build a plan. It includes an audio coaching session by our founder, Andy Gilbert, together with prompts to kickstart more helpful ways of thinking for yourself and in team meetings.
  • Continuous learning nudges
    Designed to support training and cultural change programmes and embed learning, our virtual coach app provides friendly video and text reminders at regular intervals. Short virtual, informal and fun prompts ensure sustainability. Learning libraries can be embedded to ensure instant access and interactive learning sequences developed to unlock new content.

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"Our group of Master Coaches found the app easy to use and it added an extra helpful dimension to their learning. The “sparks” give timely reminders of the practical uses of Solution Focused Thinking and their tone is fun and engaging. This, combined with the videos and other materials, acts as great support in creating a shared language and embedding the tools."

– Sarah Dexter-Smith, Director of People & Culture, TEWV NHS Foundation Trust

"The app gives me valuable thinking time, a few minutes a day to really think about key issues. The questions stimulate really helpful problem solving too."

– Quality Improvement Lead, NHS Trust