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Is the way your culture – the way things are currently being done – helping or hindering the achievement of your vision or operational priorities?

What would you really like to change or transform?

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Different ways of working require different ways of thinking

For directors and leaders frustrated by current culture or suboptimal performance, our 12-point change methodology, engages and empowers teams to think differently, transform operational practices and continually improve results.

For leaders and managers who are seeking to improve team or project performance, our bespoke change and transformation programmes, underpinned by the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework, are designed to enable people to think differently and achieve measurable results within 30, 60 & 90 days.

Whether your priorities are operational performance improvements, financial efficiencies, digital transformations or cultural change, we can help you achieve significant results.



Exploring possibilities through
co-design is key

  1. We understand your current reality, together with the scale & scope of change or transformation you are seeking to achieve.
  2. We share with you relevant examples of previous success with clients. These could range from a 2-year global transformation across 40 countries, to a single site location. These could include mergers, acquisitions, new operating models, digital transformation and teams adapting to a post-pandemic world. We can share our robust 12-point installation plan for largescale transformation programmes involving thousands or tens of thousands of people as well as case studies of smaller change projects.
  3. We explore possibilities and co-design solutions using our Results Framework. We share our best practices that have worked elsewhere and consider what will meet your specific needs. This could include using our 12-point installation approach to spread and embed the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework as a shared language and practical toolkit to solve problems and provide a solution focused “glue” for large scale change. It could equally involve adapting or combining aspects of our Change or Results Acceleration Programmes, digital learning or licencing our I.P. so you develop your internal change capability.
  4. Pilot or go full steam ahead? You decide how fast to engage people in making it happen and whether or not you would like to develop internal change capability through a licenced approach to using our intellectual property.

Our approach

Engaging & empowering through shared best practices

We believe that people really do want to Go Make A Difference and transform the way things are done – but sometimes they feel held back because of the way things are currently done!

Our top 25 best practices to transform results and enable change have been collated so they can be easily learned, applied, shared and adopted through a range of coaching, facilitation, self-managed learning, app prompts, masterclass workshops plus 30, 60 and 90-day Go Make A Difference challenges. We ensure your people will adjust to change easier in order to achieve results quicker. Instead of feeling lost in a maze, not knowing which way to turn, the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework acts like a secret compass to solve problems and guide people forwards.

"Results will not change unless people act/behave differently and this will only happen if they are engaged, equipped, empowered and supported to think differently. That’s our speciality - equipping people with a shared, practical, solution focused approach that engages and empowers teams to think differently, transform ways of working and continually improve results."

– Andy Gilbert, Founder & Managing Director, Go M.A.D. Thinking

Changing the way teams think and act

Go M.A.D. Thinking techniques were adopted to bring a successful change transition, results focus and creative thinking to Kraft Foods’ largest manufacturing facility with 39 production lines and over 1200 people. This underpinned an existing integrated Lean Six Sigma approach and achieved greater collaboration between different areas of the facility and performance increases.

"Following our Q3 Go M.A.D. 90 Day Challenge, 61 people delivered a whopping $8.5m in full year savings and identified $1m in new ideas. I think Go M.A.D. tools are complementary to any other continuous improvement tools as they provide additional structure and focus to drive results. They are more action oriented in my opinion."

– Christine Bense, Plant Manager, Kraft Foods

What makes us different

Our Purpose: to improve YOUR world through better thinking

Research based frameworks

Since 1998 our inhouse team has conducted research that has produced 20 books, 300+ audio/video programmes, and underpins our Thinking Effectiveness, Results and Leadership Frameworks

Guaranteed return on investment

We are so confident our approaches work - if we can’t help you succeed by using our proven methodology, we don’t deserve to get paid!

Proven change methodology

We are experts in the people side of change. Our robust 12-point installation plan ensures our solution focused approach can be embedded with measurable results at all levels.

What is the secret to managing change?

Answer: engaging people to think d1fferently!

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