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Imagine if all your managers could pinpoint team performance issues - in minutes, and then implement proven, practical solutions to improve productivity. 

The Catalyst app allows you to do just that.




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Catalyst is the fastest, smartest and most affordable way to change culture and ways of working


With the Catalyst app you can:

Changing MindsetChange mindsets and attitudes

Increase employee engagementIncrease employee engagement

Improve ways of workingImprove ways of working

Reduce unproductive meetingsReduce unproductive meetings

Develop leadership capabilityDevelop leadership capability

Improve productivity and performanceImprove team productivity and results

How does it work?

Using 50 common factors which affect team performance, a team leader can:

  • Complete their own assessment
  • Invite team members to complete assessments
  • Quickly view team results and identify priority issues
  • Immediately access up to 24 quick wins (proven, practical tools and techniques to apply to key issues)
  • Implement quick wins with teams and measure impact and results
  • Share real-time data and insights with senior leaders, to help inform strategic decisions

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Choose an approach that suits you

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Catalyst app – the fastest, smartest and most affordable way to transform your results by enabling change

It is:


Simple and practical
Simple & practical

The very best tools and techniques developed over 25 years to enable change

Data driven insights
Data and insight-driven 

Real-time analytics to identify the priority people factors affecting performance.



It can be:


Scalable solution

Perfect for any number of teams to make a difference and create organisational change


Team issues can be adapted and customised for any industry sector


Guaranteed results!

The T.R.E.C.® methodology has been proven in change projects around the world and because we deliver consistent, successful results, we guarantee you gain at least 300% return on your investment.

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"We used this approach as a real vehicle for culture change and the results were pretty spectacular. By releasing the creativity within the team, production increased by over 30% and machine changeover time reduced from 90 minutes to less than 5 minutes – which was previously thought impossible. "

– General Manager, Healthcare Manufacturing

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”
– Lao-tzu

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