Big Breakthrough Workshop

Designed to enable the right people to answer the right questions at the right time!

Most people, including yourself, have been on the receiving end of a well-intentioned question that made you think and say, “Great question!

It has prompted a new thought – perhaps created a Light Bulb Moment of clarity, fresh valuable ideas or maybe a realisation. 

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What if you could get a group of people together to tackle a tough topic by answering a carefully crafted set of great questions designed to create a big breakthrough?



Here’s our 5 step process

  • Interview the key stakeholders to elicit the key issues relating to the tough issue/complex problem
  • Structure the key issues using the Go M.A.D. umbrella goal method so the key sponsor can identify priorities
  • Design sets of creative breakthrough thinking questions skilfully crafted to open the mind to new possibilities relating to the key issues
  • Gather key stakeholders together to generate a minimum of 1,000 answers to the questions
  • Sift through and combine answers until a breakthrough is found

We have helped teams and organisations around the world to think differently and create breakthroughs about ways of working, new strategies and innovation. We also train business leaders to use our methodology to facilitate and create breakthroughs of their own.

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"I was sceptical when the HR folks said that Go M.A.D. was the best training they ever had. Since then, I went MAD, removed my negative thinking and agree that Go M.A.D. Thinking is the most valuable training that I have received in my 6 years at GE, so you can see how important Go M.A.D. is relative to other important tools like CECOR and 6-Sigma."

– Eric Agdeppa, Global Molecular Imaging Scientist, GE Healthcare