Augmented Intelligence

Strategy Facilitation & Planning

What if you could access a technology-enabled approach to fast-track collaboration and buy-in from any number of stakeholders to a defined goal, topic or question without the need for meetings? This solution brings together the expert skills of our Thinking Engineers with the added boost of Augmented Intelligent software to align your team to create fully endorsed goals, metrics and plans.

Our unique approach combines the Go M.A.D.® Thinking key principles of ‘involving others’ to ‘define goals’ and generate ‘possibilities and priorities’ with a very clever Augmented Intelligent set of algorithms to ensure unnecessary noise is cut out and to promote more purposeful and productive group conversations. The approach will not only spark numerous Light Bulb Moments but will also tap into the answers that already lie within your team. The use of smart technology and remote facilitation brings a team together quickly to ensure fast solutions are agreed and robust roadmap implementation are produced.

You can achieve results in days rather than months:

  • Gather opinions
    The group involved anonymously shares, learns and rates their level of agreement on each other’s opinions around their chosen topic through a 3-step virtual dialogue
  • Check team alignment
    Our Augmented Intelligent software calculates the level of alignment amongst the group across various themes related to the topic and pinpoints the key areas of misalignment where further discussion needs to take place. 
  • Build agreed strategic plan
    Our specialists facilitate the group to share the results, increase alignment levels and produce an agreed case for action, an agreed set of defined goals for the topic and a robust roadmap of coordinated action for the team.

To discover how this collaborative process could save you a massive amount of time and money just book a free, no obligation demo with one of our specialists.

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"We got the results we needed quicker and easier than I ever thought possible by involving 1500 people in developing and testing our 5 year membership strategy. The insights and depth of understanding our Board gained from this collaborative process was greater than we could have imagined."

– Phil Ponsonby, Group CEO MidCounties Co-op