30-Day DASH

Turbo-charge your thinking and overcome your biggest hurdles

This programme is designed to get things moving….fast. You will be introduced to a practical set of Go M.A.D. Thinking tools in an initial 4-hour workshop to set you up for success. Then, each week, you will be facilitated to apply these in weekly 60-minute online group sessions designed to tackle key issues and maintain momentum.

Supported by our bite-size learning modules and prompts, you will easily and quickly smash through obstacles and find new ways of achieving your goals.

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How much could you or your team possibly achieve within 30-days if you were supported to think in a solution focused way to solve a problem or achieve a goal?



Your dash to success

  • At the start of your journey you will decide the most important challenge for your DASH – something where results (or significant improvements) can be delivered and measured within a 30-day period, there is a need for more considered thinking to solve the issue, or there is a need to involve others.
  • Your group 4-hour virtual workshop will set you up for success. You will share your initial challenge ideas and learn to apply the tools and techniques that will accelerate your progress during the 30 days. A personal 1-hour coaching session with a Go M.A.D. Thinking Engineer will help you develop your plan, clearly define your goals and specific milestones for your next 30 days.
  • Each week you will be facilitated to apply your learning in weekly 60-minute online group sessions to review progress, explore emerging key issues, maintain momentum, share wins, and discover more thinking tools and approaches.

By the end of the 30 days you will have discovered new ways to enhance your thinking with practical tools, techniques and methods to apply to your future goals.

Public programmes are run on a regular basis and an in-house 30-Day Dash can easily be facilitated for a team or groups of cross-functional managers. If you want to move fast – so can we!

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"I have been involved in so many initiatives over the years but for me the investment in Go M.A.D. has given us far more than any other external provider. I was talking to an office supervisor the other day and she told me her 30 day challenge was the most satisfying piece of work she had ever done. She had so much pride in what she had achieved and the Service now benefits from that work. If you don't know what Go M.A.D. is all about - have a look - it really is something that changes how people do stuff when they come to work."

– Assistant Director Operational Support (Cambridgeshire Fire Service)