Nominate a Social Impact Leader for Our Transformative Scheme

At Go M.A.D. Thinking, we are dedicated to making the world a better place, and we believe that true leaders can be the catalysts for change. Our Social Impact Leadership Scheme aims to empower the next generation of leaders who are passionate about creating a positive impact on society and driving humanitarian projects that shape a brighter future.

What is the Social Impact Leadership Scheme?

The Social Impact Leadership Scheme is an exclusive opportunity designed to develop and support individuals aligned with our 2028 vision of making the world a better place by being the catalyst for at least a 1,000 social impact and humanitarian projects. We are offering exceptional candidates the chance to participate in this life-changing programme.

Each selected leader will receive £5,000 worth of comprehensive training, development, and personalised coaching support to enhance their leadership capabilities and drive their social impact initiatives to success.

Why Nominate?

If you know someone who exemplifies the qualities of a true social impact leader, nominating them for this scheme could be the key to unlocking their potential to create meaningful change. Your nomination could provide them with the tools, expertise, and support needed to turn their vision into reality.

Want to be inspired?  Hear how Go M.A.D. Thinking helped kickstart Callum Smith’s thinking, helping him achieve his dream.

Nomination Process

Nominate a leader today by filling out the nomination form below. Share the inspiring story of your nominee, their vision for change, and why you believe they would be an ideal candidate for the Social Impact Leadership Scheme.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Immersive Training and Development: Attend one of our open programmes, where you will be introduced to the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System and master its application.
  • Personalised Coaching: Receive guidance and mentorship to develop your thinking, explore possibilities, and focus the mind.
  • Collaborative Network: Connect with like-minded individuals and potential partners for your project.
  • Access to Go M.A.D. Thinking Resources: Receive access to a wealth of Go M.A.D. resources and discounts on books and apps.
  • Alumni Network: Become part of a prestigious community of past participants, offering ongoing support, networking, and collaboration opportunities.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to join us in our mission to foster positive change and create a better world through the Social Impact Leadership Scheme. By nominating a leader or yourself, you contribute to the collective effort of igniting a thousand impactful projects that address pressing social and humanitarian challenges.

Let’s work together to leave a lasting legacy of positive change.