Richard Brinkman

Thinking Engineer

Helping individuals, teams & organisations make a difference through better thinking.

Proven, straightforward & results-focused techniques improve thinking to drive different actions & transform results/enable change.


Phone: 07747 568730


Fiona Taylor, Chief Executive, Garden Organic

Client Testimonial

Richard worked with us on defining and setting goals that would ensure we would deliver on our business plan. He very quickly enabled us to recognise when we were limiting our horizons and showed us several different techniques to avoid getting stuck.

We had a short introductory session, and then after just two of Richard’s workshops, for which he prepared meticulously, we had a shared ownership of our strategic direction. We knew how to break down high level goals into a series of objectives, in a way that avoided mission creep.

The feedback from all involved was very positive. We have a clear understanding of the simple, but highly effective methodologies behind Go M.A.D. Thinking and are applying them in our work.

The whole experience has transformed our team’s sense of confidence and belief, and Richard’s style of coaching was spot on for us.

A bit about me

I have always been passionate about assisting a broad range of clients creatively answer their challenges and needs in as involving a way as possible. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside many different businesses, teams and individuals to help them make the breakthroughs and achieve the goals they are seeking. This has been both hugely satisfying and extremely rewarding. Now, looking towards the next phase of my career, I am looking forward to working with Go M.A.D. to help accelerate the measurable impacts that I can facilitate for partner clients.

Ever since I attended my first (and until recently only!) Go M.A.D course in the early 2000s I have seen how challenging and changing my own thinking about issues has unlocked more imaginative and effective solutions. Through various roles in the advertising, media sport and research organisations I have been fortunate enough to have been able to help and advise hundreds of different businesses due to recognising how a different way of thinking might unlock creative solutions. It has also been invaluable in guiding and enabling change within my own teams. If it can work for me I am convinced that the proven Go M.A.D. methodology can work for anyone wishing to accelerate results or enable positive change for themselves, their team or wider organisation.

My experience working alongside senior executives to develop usable solutions that simplify the understanding of potentially complex “over-facing” issues, has given me an added appreciation for the usefulness of the results-focussed, practical tools and techniques that Go M.A.D. have developed over the last 25 years. These mean that very quickly anyone can start to make a difference to their thinking, and therefore actions (and thus results), using as little as 1% of their working week. I also recognise that the straight-forward, approachable and proven nature of these tools and techniques make them relatively easy for a wide range of stakeholders to buy into.

I am a naturally inquisitive and collaborative person who would love to find out more about your particular challenges and goals in order to be able to explain how Go M.A.D. can start to Make a Difference in your world. Programmes moulded to best address your particular needs and situation can be blended from the range of digital/virtual solutions and established courses developed over the last 25 years.

I look forward to hearing from you so that we can work together to improve your world through better thinking as soon as possible. We have experience of applying practical and usable solutions with hundreds of private and public organisations across 40+ countries. Common areas we have helped clients with include:

  • Strategy development
  • Problem solving and breakthrough thinking
  • Team and/or personal productivity
  • Transformation and culture change
  • Results acceleration and continuous improvement
  • Leadership & Management / Performance Coaching

Please contact me today on the details above to discuss how we could work together to Make a Difference.