Engage & Empower: Leading your team through change and uncertainty

A 9-week programme designed to adapt to the shifting landscape that leaders currently face. Through online learning, interactive fortnightly workshops and an exclusive online community the programme will advance your skills and support you at the times you will need it most.

This programme brings together Go M.A.D. Thinking’s 25+ years of change management consulting experience. Its money-back guarantee and weekly sessions make it perfect for leaders who want to go the extra mile in managing their teams and really Make A Difference to both their people and their organisation.

This 9-week programme will equip you with the vital skills to lead others through change and uncertainty.

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Enhance your leadership skills to support your team to feel empowered to deal with change and uncertainty - with the confidence of our money-back guarantee.

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Take part in interactive Fortnightly Workouts to put your learning into practice, benefit from 1:1 coaching sessions, and create actionable plans to takeaway.

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Join a dynamic community of like-minded, supportive leaders, to share ideas, top-up your learning and spark Light Bulb Moments for each other.

Imagine having access to a secret source of resources designed to continually adjust to your needs and the changes you and your team are experiencing. Not only will you discover great, practical tools and techniques to deal with everyday and unexpected challenges, you will also gain greater speed and confidence in leading your team through these uncertain times.

Our latest research (December 2020) shows that the average team in a medium to large organisation is affected by 1 to 2.5 changes every week! So, is it any wonder that managers are sometimes struggling to keep up to speed in helping their people to adjust to the pace of change? You might be experiencing shifting business models, changing priorities, remote working and unsettled people. But have you ever considered how much time and resources are being wasted by the hindering thoughts in people’s heads translating into unproductive behaviour that impacts performance? Well the good news is that help is at hand – not just with a one-off change management training course, but 9 weeks of adaptive support to help you and your team with their journey.

Through the live skills development workshop, online support community and the Fortnightly Workouts, you get to tackle what’s new, what’s hot and what’s on your mind. Your ability to engage and empower your team will rapidly increase through ongoing practical support from the Go M.A.D. team as you learn and apply proven, practical tips to handle the new challenges that will undoubtedly come your way during the 9 weeks of the programme. Oh, and by the way, if you don’t get any benefit after 50% of the Engage & Empower programme then just ask and you will get 100% of your money back. We think that’s a fair deal for you and it keeps us on our toes to constantly add value!

The programme includes:

  • Access to an exclusive online community for Engage & Empower leaders to ask questions, take part in challenges, network with peers and easily access the Go M.A.D. Thinking team
  • An online learning portal to access videos, digital downloads and printable materials for the self-learning elements of the programme
  • A 4 hour Live group Workshop to build on your self-learning and provide the opportunity to put your learning into practice supported by a digital workbook
  • 5 fortnightly Workout live group sessions to support you and provide the opportunity for 1:1 hot-seat coaching and Q&As
  • A money-back guarantee to protect your investment. We are confident that you will benefit from this programme but if after a number of weeks you disagree we will give you your money back – no questions asked!

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Exclusive Online Community

Leaders on the Engage & Empower programme will be invited to an exclusive online community when they register for the programme. This invite-only dynamic community will provide:

  • Easy access to Andy, Founder of Go M.A.D. Thinking, the wider Go M.A.D. Thinking team and other change experts
  • A platform to seek opinions about complex change topics
  • Information about change management best practice
  • The opportunity to network and share ideas with other like-minded leaders on the programme
  • Regular online challenges to support your on-going learning and spark Light Bulb Moments

Online self-learning

Online learning provides the foundations of the programme discovering key success principles and understanding how you think.

You will receive digital copies of the Go M.A.D. Thinking books ‘Engage & Empower’ and ‘How to save time & money by managing organisational change effectively’ to introduce you to the key concepts. Through videos, written content and activities you will discover practical Go M.A.D. Thinking tools and techniques that you will be able to put into practice immediately and throughout the programme.

Modules include:

  • Get Your Essential Reading
  • Get Your Thinking Straight
  • Get Ready to Engage & Empower

Live Workshop

The 4 hour Live Engage & Empower Workshop will develop your skills by bringing together all your learning so far and will include:

  • Approaches and techniques that you can use daily to lead and manage your team
  • The opportunity to practice the techniques you have learnt
  • Knowledge and experience from Go M.A.D. Thinking’s 25+ years of change management consulting
  • A digital workbook to use throughout the workshop with key activities and prompts

Fortnightly Workouts

The 1-hour fortnightly Workouts are an ideal way for you to access support in dealing with change and uncertainty at the times you need it most. They will run for 5 weeks following the Live Workshop and will enable you to build on your learning so far. They will feature:

  • The introduction of new topics relevant to the current challenges being faced
  • The opportunity for 1:1 coaching in the hot-seat coaching session
  • New tips and tools to spark Light Bulb Moments
  • A First AID planning session to focus thinking on Actions, Ideas and Decisions

The fortnightly Workouts will be held LIVE but will also be recorded if you can’t make it.


1 member: £1500 (+ VAT) including all learning materials, Live Workshop, 5 x Weekly Workouts and access to our exclusive Engage & Empower online community over the 9 weeks.

Already Go M.A.D. Thinking Accredited? We are offering a £300 (+ VAT) discount please contact us directly if you believe you may qualify for this.

If you are interested in the Engage & Empower Programme for a number of your leaders please contact us to discuss your needs in more depth.

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Are you ready to engage and empower your team?

With live fortnightly sessions and a money-back guarantee this 9-week programme is perfect for those leaders dealing with change on a daily basis. You will get help and support NOW and discover tools and techniques that you will use again and again in the FUTURE.

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