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Perfect self-paced learning for you, your team and your organisation.

Master the proven Go M.A.D.® Thinking methodology at your own pace through our range of online and blended live training programmes.

Integrating our wide experience and years of research, our programmes have been meticulously crafted and are inspirationally delivered to give you an unparalleled range of practical tools and techniques to attain the outcome you hope to achieve.

Programmes may feature live online sessions, digital only or blended courses facilitated by our expert Thinking Engineers as well as convenient bite-size online materials that you can digest at your own pace. All programmes lead to the development of 30, 60, or 90-day practical action plans designed to help you Go Make A Difference.

Whether your goal is to increase productivity, boost profits, change your team’s behaviour or simply to acquire some new lifelong skills – from a 1-hour tailored live training to a 90-day mastery programme – you’ll find a course that’s perfect for you.

Read further and see how easy it is to start making that important difference right now.

Engage & Empower: Leading your team through change and uncertainty

A 9-week blended programme designed to adapt to the shifting landscape that leaders currently face.

With the benefit of 25+ years of change management consulting experience, a money-back guarantee, online self-learning and interactive fortnightly live workshops the programme will advance your skills and support you when you need it most. Perfect for leaders who want to go the extra mile in managing their teams and really Make A Difference to both their people and their organisation.

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Digital course

Stretch: Thinking Bigger, Better & Bolder

Discover how to break down barriers and stretch your thinking.

This digital course will teach you to think bigger, better and bolder to help you and your business thrive – now and in the future. It will introduce you to two Go M.A.D.® Thinking frameworks giving you access to a practical and innovative toolkit to use time and time again.

The 4 hour course includes a number of practical exercises to get you applying your new thinking immediately and culminates in a virtual coaching session. You will leave the course with your own actionable plan for the next 30, 60 or 90 days and with skills to boost your thinking daily.

Digital course

Career Strategies: Reviewing now & planning for the future

Practical exercises to reflect on career choices and develop future plans.

Successful organisations require engaged employees with the right skills, in the right place at the right time. This course offers more than 30 practical exercises relevant for everyone whatever stage they are with their career. It gives your team the time and tools to reflect on their personal development, where they want to be and how to maximise the opportunities provided by your organisation.

With the power of Go M.A.D. Thinking techniques the exercises will spark new thinking. Imagine the difference in your organisation if all your people were taking personal responsibility for their development and career planning.

Digital course

Unleashing Well-being: To boost health and performance

Happiness and well-being in the workplace are vital for the organisation and its people.

This refreshing course pairs the Go M.A.D.® Thinking System and techniques with the five key elements needed to maintain and enhance well-being and personal harmony in and out of the workplace. Bring balance and healthy productivity to you and the people your business depends on.

This course will unlock the tools for you and your teams to start every day energised and engaged.

90-Day Mastery: Embed and apply Solution Focused Thinking

A blended programme ideal for leaders and managers to experience, embed and apply the award-winning Go M.A.D.® Thinking System whilst working to achieve key organisational goals.

The programme will challenge you to make a measurable difference in your organisation through 30, 60 and 90-day challenges. You will discover how to coach yourself and others to think in a more creative way, dramatically improve conversations and meetings whilst gaining clarity about absolutely everything by mastering 4 key goal defining techniques. We guarantee this programme will transform your future.

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"Fantastic! I came away with the tools to move my managers and teams onwards to greater levels. I have also found a way of getting the managers to find the answers from within themselves instead of just asking questions that they know the answers to."

– Customer Relations Operations Manager, Virgin Media

"I really benefited from attending the Solutions Focused Thinking programme, both on a business and personal level. The methodology is practical and easy to use and I find my team getting value from the process when I apply the methodology in our team meetings."

– Chief Human Resources Officer, Veolia UK & Ireland

"Enjoyable and engaging packed with lots of good content. Having used the Go M.A.D. methodology for over 10 years, these online programmes in bite-size chunks now enable me to equip a much wider audience with the knowledge and skills to improve their personal and team performance."

– HR Director, Boots Contract Manufacturing

"Without doubt, being part of this programme has enhanced my thinking, accelerated my actions, and improved my outcomes"

– Darren Jones, Managing Director, Instinct Consulting

"Having the opportunity to experience the Go M.A.D. 30-Day DASH was 100% positive and gave me the clarity I needed to complete the goal I’d set myself. The collaborative challenge really opened my thinking to new possibilities. I would highly recommend the 30-Day DASH to any business that has a challenge, issue or goal it wants to be complete."

– Simon Costigan, Founder, The Change Partner

30-Day DASH: Turbocharge your thinking & overcome your biggest hurdles

A 4-stage programme to help you solve issues at pace, create immediate impact and deliver quick results. Mixing virtual group sessions and one-to-one coaching sessions this is a powerful, cost-effective programme that guarantees results.

This programme will enhance your thinking, accelerate your actions and improve your outcomes. With an entirely practical focus you will work to solve a real, major issue or achieve a significant goal in only 30 days. Join this programme to turn your goals into reality, all with our ‘Win Guarantee’.

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