Transition: Managing Your Team Through Change

Change is a constant in our modern lives and something that we cannot avoid. Despite having to deal with it frequently, it is often difficult to manage for ourselves and challenging to know how to help others through the uncertainty and change that today’s world brings.

Our digital course is the ultimate guide to managing change and learners will benefit from our 25 years of experience of helping organisations and their people manage change effectively.

Including practical advice and clear explanations from our best-selling book How to save time & money by managing organisational change effectively the course features short videos and exercises to help your people adapt and adjust to change quickly and easily.

Designed for managers, the course highlights the importance of ‘putting on your oxygen mask first’ to manage personal adjustment and ensure that managers are in the best position possible before attempting to support others. Managers will discover the secret to change and understand why people behave the way they do during change.


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