Go M.A.D. About Coaching

Imagine knowing the right question to ask, at exactly the right moment, in order to help others to think in a solution focused way and achieve greater results. Imagine mastering a coaching framework that enables you to help yourself, your team and organisation to make differences that matter.

Go M.A.D.® is the widely acclaimed and well researched thinking system of how successful people naturally make a difference. It is the “D.N.A.” framework of natural success.


This book will help you to:

  • Discover how easy coaching can be
  • Design & ask high quality questions
  • Structure your coaching conversations to guide others towards make a difference
  • Apply key success principles
  • Achieve the difference you want to make

It contains:

  • Over 300 powerful coaching questions
  • Templates of coaching structures
  • Practical, easy to read, case-studies
  • Self-coaching questionnaires & assessments
  • Over 170 useful tips to consider when coaching

For every book you purchase through our website we give 5 bricks towards building school classrooms supporting education in Cambodia as part of our partnership with B1G1.

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