Change management:
a leadership perspective

When Airplus International decided to embark on a global change programme, it knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

Faced with multiple challenges, it wanted to give its leaders the confidence and ability to lead their teams successfully through change.

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The challenge

AirPlus International faced a number of significant challenges:

  • Operational inefficiencies highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Uncertainty amongst employees created by the imminent sale of the business
  • Teams spread across the globe
  • A culture averse to change

It wanted to enable its leaders to manage their teams through change, to support individuals and improve business performance. It knew it didn’t want an academic change programme but one that dealt with the people side of change and would equip its leaders with ‘skills for life’.


The solution

Go M.A.D. Thinking worked with AirPlus International to create a programme that would help leaders, at all levels, to understand how people react to change and be able to guide their teams through more purposeful and productive conversations.

An initial 3-month programme was designed to continually adjust to the needs of leaders and the changes they were experiencing.  In addition to a practical digital resource toolkit, (based on three of our popular books; ‘How to Save Time and Money by Managing Organisational Change Effectively’, Engage & Empower’, and ‘Go MAD about Coaching’), leaders engaged in bi-weekly, 90-minute facilitated sessions to resolve key issues relating to; ‘What’s hot?’, ‘What’s new?‘ and ‘What’s on your mind?’

Working in real time, on real issues was a critical success factor to engage and empower leaders to Go Make A Difference!  This created a dynamic and flexible approach to ensure leaders felt supported and confident in testing new ways of leading through change.

Members of the Go M.A.D. team assisted in crafting internal communications and building internal training capability, to increase engagement across the wider organisation.  Every team member received access to bite-sized digital learning to help them adapt to change.  In addition, everyone started using Go M.A.D coaching cards to ensure a common language was adopted to solve problems and improve efficiency.

The impact

“The biggest R.O.I. for me was seeing the immediate impact that it had on leaders and their ability to take teams through change with minimum fuss. We started an entire organisational redesign programme that everyone told us was impossible to do at the beginning. However, using the Go M.A.D. tools, we got to the end of it on budget, in time. Brilliant!”   

Carrie Haywood, Global Head of Operations, AirPlus International

Key outcomes:

  • Meetings became more purposeful and productive
  • Significant amounts of time were saved
  • Collaboration and shared learning became common place
  • Leaders and teams engaged in thinking differently to find solutions
  • This change programme was delivered on time and on budget!

"Whenever you intend to implement a project that requires a substantial amount of change, start with the Go M.A.D. programme; this will greatly contribute to the project's success."

– Daniela Imruck, Associate Director - Strategy & Communications, AirPlus International

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