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Join us at Go M.A.D. Thinking to improve your own world through better thinking and help improve the thinking of others. We don’t just improve business, personal and team performance, we change lives!

Head Office Opportunities

We are always keen to hear more from people who share our passion to Make A Difference.

We are going through an exciting period of our history where there are plenty of opportunities for talented people to add value in helping us Go Make A Difference in the world.

We always encourage great possibility thinking. So if you get to know what we do, why we do it and can figure out a no-brainer way to add incredible value – then we would be a bit silly not to at least listen to your value proposition. Wouldn’t we?

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Licensed Partner Options

Maybe you’re already running your own consulting or coaching business or you’re an internal trainer/ facilitator.

What if… you could provide more services to your customers or internal departments with proven products which transform results and enable change?

Becoming a Licensed Partner means you can choose a range of product options to help your customers and you can gain a digital badge as proof of your competence.

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