'Thinking for Good' app launched

Improving your world through better thinking….all from your pocket!

Our reason for being is simple. We want to help people the world over, to make a difference and change the world. We believe this starts with thinking. Quite simply it is our ‘reason why’ and our purpose.

To make a real impact, to create real change we want to not only change your thinking but also that of those around you. Your family. Your friends. Your colleagues. Your world.

Over the years we have partnered with organisations around the world, in over 40 countries, to share the Go M.A.D Thinking methodology. This has led to millions of breakthroughs in thinking, or as we like to call them Light Bulb Moments. But we want to go further, we want to create 100 million Light Bulb Moments by 2023.


And for this we need your help to spread the word!


Over the past few months, the Go M.A.D Thinking team have poured over 20 years of knowledge and experience into a brand-new app. Our ‘Thinking for Good’ app contains thought provoking questions and practical resources to help yourself and others with their thinking effectiveness, wellbeing and problem solving. There is no prior experience needed and all techniques can be mastered by anyone, at any time-at work or at home.


“The app is great! A little pocket coach, portable, vibrant and always on!”

Senior Project Manager, NHS Trust

“Simple to use, great questions. Very easy to dip in and out of when looking for a bit of inspiration.”

Service Delivery Manager, NHS Trust

“The app gives me valuable thinking time, a few minutes a day to really think about key issues. The questions stimulate really helpful problem solving too.”

Quality Improvement Lead, NHS Trust


Imagine you have a problem to solve or a goal you wish you to achieve. The app brings together a number of practical tools to support you in your thinking to be able to do this. In the app, you will find video tutorials, audiobooks, goal defining techniques, thought-provoking questions and downloadable resources. We would love your help in sharing the app with your networks to help us get closer to those 100 million Light Bulb Moments.


Kickstart your thinking

For quick inspiration “Kickstart my Thinking” questions and statements designed by the Go M.A.D. Thinking team are there to provide you with helpful prompts during the day. These are a great way to start your day, kick-off a meeting, or when you just need a quick boost.

For more a more thought-provoking session we have developed questions to stretch your thinking for solving problems or planning a goal.

Your very own coaching session

There is even a 25-minute coaching session with Go M.A.D Thinking founder Andy Gilbert, where he guides you through a set of questions designed to help you think about something you would like to achieve and a difference you would like to make.

Other resources include downloadable workbooks, practical videos to help you have numerous light bulb moments and a social feed to meet other ‘Thinkers for Good’.

Spread the word

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app today and share with colleagues, friends and family and support them in having their own Light Bulb Moments. Together, we can change the world through better thinking.

We would love to hear what you think of the app and what Light Bulb Moments you have had! Use the social section in the app itself or drop us a line.