Welcome! You have been selected by your Manager or the Change Champion in your team to be enrolled on Go M.A.D. Thinking’s Stretch: Thinking Bigger, Better and Bolder online programme.

Introduction from
Neil Holden

I’m really pleased and excited to support your development through this stage in our transformation. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done to date, you’ve balanced changing priorities and high levels of demand brilliantly. Now it’s time to think about yourselves and how we support each other through the upcoming changes to the way we work. Your participation in this programme will directly contribute to the success of our end-to-end change transformation programme, which will in turn accelerate the pace of change across the Halfords Group. I cannot overstate how important your role is and will continue to be.

This programme is designed to develop and support you with the knowledge and skills to accelerate results and enable change. This is widely supported, from the Executive Team, and the IT Leadership Group. You will gain valuable experience and tools that will not only support you in your role in the transformation programme, but also in your day-to-day role at Halfords.

"I encourage you to embrace the techniques that will be shared with you and test them out as much as possible – It’s only through living something that we can make it stick! I truly hope you seize the opportunity to make a difference, and above all else, have fun."

– Neil Holden

About the Course

This short digital course will introduce you to two of the Go M.A.D. Thinking® frameworks. The first will give you insights into how your thinking impacts on you and your achievements. The second will help you identify where to focus your thinking to make the differences you want. You will discover ways to scale your thinking, a method to give you numerous solutions to any problem, and master goal defining techniques that you can use straight away.

The course lasts around 4 hours and includes a number of practical exercises to get you applying your new thinking immediately. At the end of the course, through a virtual coaching session, you will set yourself a challenge and create an actionable plan for the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Once mastered, the skills you learn on this course will boost your thinking daily.

To gain access to your online programme please follow the steps below:
  • The course will be accessed through your Internet browser so please make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • Visit the Stretch course page HERE and click ‘Enrol’
  • Complete the ‘Sign up to Kaination!’ form and click ‘Start Your Learning Journey’
  • Complete the Checkout form and enter your unique coupon code (given to you by your Manager or Change Champion in your team– it should look like HALFORDS-XXXXXX), click Redeem and see the ‘Total’ change to £0
  • Accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’ by ticking the box and click ‘Continue’
  • You now have full access to the Stretch course. Click ‘Start Learning’ at the top of the screen to begin your course
  • You can pick up your learning at any point by logging back in here.

Any problems?

If you experience any problems gaining access or would like further information about the programme, please email team@gomadthinking.com or call 01509 891313.

Everyone is capable of thinking in a bigger, better and bolder way.

It’s about understanding your thinking and having the tools and techniques at your fingertips to use every day. The principle is simple - if you improve how you think, and the questions you ask you will achieve better results.

So, how big and bold are you prepared to think?