Generation Changemaker

Our 10 year programme to dramatically change the lives of 100 unemployed 18-24 year olds

Starting in 2021 we will develop future leaders who will change the lives of millions and make the world a brighter place.

We live in unprecedented times - with immense challenges. Many young people will have little chance of finding a worthwhile job unless we take action.

Our purpose ‘to improve your world through better thinking’ and vision to ‘create 100 million Light Bulb Moments by 2023’ got us thinking. To kickstart this ambitious project we are launching a 10 year programme to dramatically change the lives of 100 unemployed 18-24 year olds.

Our tools and techniques have transformed individuals, teams and organisations for over 20 years and, by showing young adults how to unlock their full thinking, we can turn them into a generation of Thinking For Good Changemakers.

Their role as a ‘Thinking for Good Changemaker’ will include improving the lives of 100 other people over 100 days using our proven Go M.A.D. Thinking methodology. An intense 6 month work placement programme will develop their transferable skills to assist their employability and we will support their ongoing development for the next 10 years!

We can’t do it alone and that is why we would like to involve you.

Create a generation of Changemakers

Transform 100 lives that will impact tens of thousands of people and be the catalyst for millions of Light Bulb Moments over the next 10 years.

Join the Thinking For Good movement

By supporting the Generation Changemaker programme you will become part of our mission to create 100 million Light Bulb Moments. Join us!

The Changemaker Placement programme

Preparing the next generation to find work whilst making the world a better place

Each Changemaker will develop an incredible set of highly-valuable skills that will be transferable to any future employer.

Through group development activities, coaching and project work the Changemakers will learn both practical skills in the workplace and receive a transformational boost to their own self-confidence.

These new skills will include communication, problem solving, teamworking, time management and planning. Plus, of course, mastering our deep thinking techniques to develop a flexible, goal-oriented, possibility thinking mindset.

They will obtain valuable real-world experience by working alongside the experts in five separate, specialist departments within Go M.A.D. Thinking. Discover what the programme will include by clicking on the arrow on the right.

Mastering Go M.A.D.® Thinking Skills

Coaching and group development activities to build confidence and practical skills

The 100 Changemakers will follow a structured, exciting two week virtual induction programme led by our internal experts. By the end of the two weeks the Changemakers will have the skills and tools to coach and facilitate Light Bulb Moments for themselves and others.

Each Changemaker will have developed a robust 6-month employability plan to ensure they have the greatest opportunity to secure a great job at the end of their work placement at Go M.A.D. Thinking.

Helping 100 People in 100 Days

A series of practical challenges to apply learning and develop their ability to be a Changemaker

Each Changemaker will be challenged to create and document Light Bulb Moments for 100 different people over 100 days. This will develop self-esteem and a sense of personal achievement, whilst making a difference to 10,000 lives.

Every 30, 60 and 90 days additional challenges will stretch their thinking and develop their transferable skills to increase future employment opportunities.

Core Skills & Work Experience

Developing Changemakers to become the most employable we can help them to be

Internal and external experts will offer training and coaching on core and transferable skills that workplaces expect from future employees. These will include communication skills, problem solving, teamworking, time management and planning. Plus, of course, developing a flexible, possibility thinking mindset.

Hands-on experience will be gained by working with experts in five of our departments: digital content production; marketing; I.T. & data; research and new product development; and our Thinking for Good CSR function.

Building a Great Support Network

Involving Others (a key Go M.A.D.® success principle) to support, mentor and increase probability of success

Changemakers will be introduced, via our global network, to a wide range of project partners who will provide learning, inspiration, and mentoring support. A programme manager and team of 5 project managers will ensure each Changemaker builds a powerful personal support network over 6 months.

An internal buddy system will enable the Changemakers to engage with and empower each other whilst continuously developing their teamwork and coaching skills.

Sharing Stories & Light Bulb Moments

Capturing 10,000 Light Bulb Moments

Each Changemaker will capture their journey of creating 100 Light Bulb Moments and record video stories. These will be shared publicly on social media to inform, inspire and teach others and incorporated within a series of documentary film projects.

Changemakers will share their personal learning and challenges so we, and future Changemakers, can better understand and improve the way we work. We hope to document and follow their journey every three years as they increase their circle of influence, career success and become a catalyst for millions more people having Light Bulb Moments.

Supporting their Next 10 Years

Launching Changemakers into their future

During the programme the Changemakers will be collecting testimonials and recommendations that they can use as references for future employers. They will be graduating from the programme fully prepared for their next step.

However, our support won’t stop there. In order to create the world’s best placement programme, we are committed to supporting the Changemakers for the next 10+ years – giving them access to ongoing future development and regular career coaching sessions. We hope they will remain part of the wider global Go M.A.D. Thinking community to inspire the next generation of Changemakers.

Join us in developing young people who risk becoming a lost generation

Together, we can be the catalyst to change their lives and the lives of many others.

The programme will be supported by a percentage of Go M.A.D. Thinking’s profits and any benefactors of the Go Make A Difference registered charity. The 100 Changemakers will need a wide array of foundational skills for their future and that is where you come in. What contribution could you make to support us in rescuing 100 young people from becoming a lost generation so they can become a generation of changemakers?

What skills or expertise could you impart? Contributions do not have to be financial (although that is naturally welcome too!). We want to involve as many experts as possible who share our values to join us on this mission.

Join us to start a chain reaction that generates sizeable humanitarian and business benefits. The ripple effect has the power to dramatically impact the world for those involved and we would love you to partner with us to change the destiny of many lives.

Imagine the impact of 100 empowered people giving rise to Light Bulb Moments that alter the lives of at least 10,000 people and are the stimulus for something greater – something much better.

"It is our responsibility to support the future generation of Changemakers; to equip them with great thinking skills; to engage and empower them so they can take action and achieve greater results for themselves and be a catalyst for further humanitarian projects in the wider world. "

– Andy Gilbert, Founder & Managing Director, Go M.A.D. Thinking

How big a part do you want to play?

Please get in touch with us to discuss how you can help support our next generation of Changemakers.

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