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Problem solving & breakthrough thinking

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

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Better questions + better imagination = better thinking

Actually, Einstein never said the above quote! But he did send a crisis appeal by telegram (quoted in the New York times on May 25th, 1946) saying “We need two hundred thousand dollars at once for a nation-wide campaign to let the people know that a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

At Go M.A.D.® Thinking we apply a range of proven problem solving tools and techniques to create breakthroughs and Light Bulb Moments. Or, we can train your people to become problem solving ninja’s – at a much lower level of investment than Albert Einstein was asking for!



Results Acceleration

Engage leaders in cracking those tough problems through facilitated Big Breakthrough Workshops and get them collaborating on Go M.A.D.® challenges via 60 and 90-day Results Acceleration Programmes.

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Management Development

Managing people, managing change, managing meetings, managing projects, managing teams, managing operations, managing resources, managing problems and finding solutions. We design and deliver ways to help your managers Go Make a Difference!

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Solution Focused Thinking

Take time out to think and develop great problem solving and planning skills with our 4-day Solution Focused Thinking and 90-day Mastery programmes that run each month.


T.R.E.C.® Team Challenge

What if we could show you how to Transform Results and Enable Change so each of your teams could further improve productivity, output, quality or service levels by 7-30%? Might it be worth having a chat?


Augmented Intelligent Strategy Facilitation & Planning

Our state-of-the-art A.I. software is the fastest, most-efficient and most affordable way to assemble and coordinate any strategic business or project plan, goal or ambition bar none. We challenge you to test it!


Coaching & Problem Solving Apps

Imagine your people asking the right questions, at the right time, to the right person or team of people. What if they could have those questions available at their fingertips by using one of our personalised mobile apps?

What makes us different

Creative thinking tools

Using our innovation toolkit, we facilitate people’s ability to think differently and achieve significant ‘breakthrough moments’

Best-in-class A. I. software

We enable large-scale problem solving and the development of strategic roadmaps super-fast (days not months) by using clever technology to collaborate on any topic with any number of people inside or outside your organisation

25 years of global experience

We have worked with senior leaders across most sectors in over 40 countries to tackle ambitious challenges and have a strong track record of making a measurable difference

"The programmes have provoked people to think, ultimately helping us to drive growth plans. The change in mind set for some people has been quite radical and has even helped to improve people's lives outside of work.  This is the beauty of Go MAD; whilst it helps the business to deliver its objectives, the business also gives back something to its Employees with the tools and techniques learned."

– HR Manager, ASICS

Ready to ask better questions to prompt better thinking?

Talk to us about how our proven problem solving tools and techniques have created breakthroughs and Light Bulb Moments for 100s of organisations.

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