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Help people to help themselves and each other through the gift of receiving and asking great questions designed to make a difference

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The right questions, at the right time, for the right people

Most people, including yourself, have been on the receiving end of a well designed question that made them think and say, “Great question!” It has prompted a new thought – perhaps created a Light Bulb Moment of clarity, fresh valuable ideas or a realisation.

Our popular book “Go MAD about Coaching” provides a powerful and practical, research based, Coaching Framework that has been used to develop leaders in over 40 countries. We have provided 1:1 executive coaching, leadership team coaching and coaching skills development for managers for over 25 years.



Leadership Development

We coach Executive teams and leaders at all levels using our Leadership, Results and Thinking Effectiveness Frameworks to trigger Light Bulb Moments of clarity, fresh new ideas and realisations.

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Management Development

Do you want your managers to be coached; to coach themselves (through better questions); to coach their teams; to create a coaching culture; or some or all of the above?

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Solution Focused Thinking

Take time out to think and develop great coaching and problem solving skills with our 4-day Solution Focused Thinking and 90-day Mastery programmes that run each month.


Coaching Toolkit

Imagine knowing exactly the right questions to ask, at the right time, to the right person (including yourself!). Our 4-in-1 resource combination of coaching cards, book, videos and app. will ensure you can do exactly that.


Coaching Conversations Situational Judgement Test

Assess and develop your ability to have more purposeful and productive 1:1 and team conversations using 21 scenarios based around applying the Go M.A.D. Thinking Results Framework.


Coaching & Problem Solving Apps

Imagine your people asking the right questions, at the right time, to the right person or team of people. What if they could have those questions available at their fingertips by using one of our personalised mobile apps?

What makes us different

Management coaching toolkit

We equip managers with practical skills and tools to improve individual, team and organisational productivity through effective coaching and conversation techniques enabling £m’s of cost savings, efficiencies, and value-added impact

Creative thinking tools

Using our innovation toolkit, we facilitate people’s ability to think differently and achieve significant ‘breakthrough moments’

Research based frameworks

Since 1998 our inhouse team has conducted research that has produced 20 books, 300+ audio/video programmes, and underpins our Thinking Effectiveness, Results and Leadership Frameworks

"Fantastic! I thought I had seen pretty much every way of coaching and managing people but I have been shown a whole new way of doing things that will have a great benefit to what we do. I came away with the tools to move my managers and teams onwards to greater levels. I have also found a way of getting the managers to find the answers from within themselves instead of just asking questions that they know the answers to."

– Customer Relations Operations Manager, Virgin Media

Ready to ask the right questions?

At the right time, to the right people?

Talk to us to discover how we have used our coaching framework to develop leaders in over 40 countries and what we have learnt in the last 25 years.

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