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The “new normal” requires different leadership and management styles….which requires your people to have a shift in thinking.

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Is it time for your leaders and managers to think differently?

The world is not the same as it was a couple of years ago and it will keep on changing at an ever increasing speed. So, how equipped are your leaders at all levels to think and act differently to deal with remote/virtual working, increased global collaboration, technological change, customer expectations and consumer demands?

At Go M.A.D.® Thinking we have developed three proven frameworks (based on grounded research) to assist people to think more effectively, become better managers and lead teams to achieve better results.



Leadership Development

How aligned are your leaders to the vision, purpose and values of your organisation? Are they strengthening or weakening the current culture? We develop and support Executive teams and leaders at all levels.

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Management Development

Managing people, managing change, managing meetings, managing projects, managing teams, managing resources, managing problems and finding solutions. Transform the way managers think and challenge them to Go Make a Difference!

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Group of people in executive coaching session


Engage & Empower

Dynamic live “weekly workouts” for managing people through change plus online support based on two of our popular books: “Engage & Empower” and “How to Save Time & Money by Managing Change Effectively.”


60-Minute Masterclasses

Thinking Bigger, Better, Bolder; Productivity; Coaching; Goal Defining; Possibility Thinking; Managing Change; Problem Solving; Leading Through Change; Winners Mindset; Engage & Empower; Career Strategies; Unleashing Wellbeing & more….


Coaching Conversations Situational Judgement Test

Assess and develop managers ability to have more purposeful and productive 1:1 and team conversations using 21 scenarios based around applying the Go M.A.D. Thinking Results Framework.


Career Strategies

Be proactive in your career planning with 34 proven career management exercises designed to cause reflection, spark new thinking and help leaders at all levels take personal responsibility for their development.

What makes us different

25 years of global experience

We have worked with senior leaders across most sectors in over 40 countries to tackle ambitious challenges and have a strong track record of making a measurable difference

Research based frameworks

Since 1998 our inhouse team has conducted research that has produced 20 books, 300+ audio/video programmes, and underpins our Thinking Effectiveness, Results and Leadership Frameworks

Accessible learning 24/7

Bite-sized chunks of practical, inspirational learning are available digitally enabling scale and fast access by everyone from anywhere.

"“I've enjoyed and benefited from many leadership development, coaching and management courses from being a Sales Manager to a Managing Director. But after 15 years, I keep coming back to the Go M.A.D. Results Framework. It's got the lot. The framework, the methodology and the toolbox to help individuals focus on getting the results they want.” "

– Managing Director, Hollister UK & I Region

Ready for a shift in your thinking?

The world is changing at an ever increasing speed but are your leaders ready for the challenge?

Talk to us about how our proven frameworks will help your people become better managers and leaders.

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