The Big Think

Encourage collaboration, engage with multiple stakeholders and produce aligned roadmaps for large complex issues

Our innovative 3-step approach powered by Augmented Intelligent software encourages collaboration and stakeholders to think big. ‘Involve others’ is a key Go M.A.D. Thinking principle and The Big Think enables you to do just that, on a big scale. By bringing together the thinking and views of large groups of people, from one or multiple organisations, we work with you to create endorsed, viable, strategic roadmaps and action plans.

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When collaboration is key, engaging the views of others matters.

Gathering the opinions of your employees, customers, suppliers, patients, members, or other stakeholder groups was once a costly and time-consuming activity - but not with The Big Think. The combination of our expert facilitation skills, Go M.A.D.® Thinking methodology, and powerful Augmented Intelligent software streamlines the process providing you with solutions to large-scale, complex issues.

Bring together the thinking of up to 15,000 people from within one or multiple organisations to collaborate on your big questions.

Achieve three times the benefits of traditional consulting methods in a third of the time and at a third of the cost.

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A personalised consulting approach from our specialist Thinking Engineers combining Go M.A.D.® Thinking principles with the power of Augmented Intelligent software to produce big results.

Our Big Think involves the following stages

1. Gather opinions

Once invited to participate around a specific topic, participants anonymously share and rate their level of agreement with each other’s opinions through a 3-step virtual dialogue.

2. Calculate alignment

Our Augmented Intelligent software calculates levels of alignment amongst the group and highlights endorsed ideas across various themes related to the topic.

3. Build an endorsed plan

Our specialists share the results and facilitate a core team to produce an agreed case for action, an agreed set of defined goals for the topic and a robust roadmap of coordinated action for the organisation or participating group of organisations.

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Gathering the views of your wider stakeholders through this this efficient approach combines the Go M.A.D.® Thinking key principles of ‘involving others’ to ‘define goals’ and collaborate to generate ‘possibilities and priorities’. We then facilitate a core team to rapidly develop a robust action plan.

The Big Think process combines concepts from Harvard academics Professor Thomas Schelling (Game Theory), Professor Chris Argyris (Action Science) through a partnership with SchellingPoint who have applied research into collaboration dynamics. The Augmented Intelligent software which supports the process, which we fondly refer to as Joe, is proven to make intelligent observations, analyse vast quantities of data and reduce the time needed to formulate action plans.

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"We got the results we needed quicker and easier than I ever thought possible by involving hundreds of members and colleagues in developing and testing our 5-year membership strategy. The insights and depth of understanding our Board gained from this collaborative “Big Think” process was greater than we could have imagined."

– Phil Ponsonby, Group CEO, Midcounties Co-op

"This approach accomplished in six weeks what normally takes us a year."

– CEO, Healthcare Organisation

"…much less burdensome than what we would have spent using traditional methodologies."

– COO, Professional Services

"Once I saw the impact… I don’t think there has been a project where I haven’t used it."

– Change Manager, Finance Services Organisation

Collaborate to accelerate with The Big Think

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